2005 Archives (155)

January:At the Gate of the Year

 :A New Year’s Blessing

 :Hosting Catholic Carnival

 :Catholic Carnival #11

 :Back to Basics

 :Gratitude and Attitude

 :The Book Game


 :What is Hope?

 :For Your Pruning

 :Searching for God


 :One Truly Philosophical Problem

 :The Coin of Faith



February:Let Nothing Disturb You

 :Lost in a Fog

 :A Poor Man’s Gift

 :I Have No Defense

 :To Christ of the Waves

 :I Cry to You

 :Nothing Without You

 :To Reach for God

 :For All That Has Been


 :Prayer as Sacrifice

 :Reformatting Faith

 :Receive, Not Take

 :Learning to Float

 :Three Quotes

 :An Irish Blessing

 :Prayer Bracelet

 :Shepherd me, O God



 :The Pause

 :Windshield Wipers

 :Lord’s Alphabet

 :For the Departed

April:In the Pasture of Life…

 :Honest Anger, Honest Grief

 :Thank You, Father

 :A Constant Exchange of Love

 :The Eagles in My Life

 :The Little Fish

 :Lord of All

 :That Power is God

 :We Remember — 10 Years Later

 :New Pope!

 :Judgement and Mercy

 :Why Pray?

 :Prayer in the Front or Back Room?

 :Some Corny Jokes

 :More Corny Pope Jokes

 :Some Days

May:Every Day

 :Paperclip Campaign


 :When I Rise

 :Bless My Students

 :The Litany of Shortfalls

 :Pause A While

 :What is Real?

 :My Name is I AM

 :Psalm 143 — Mercy

 :Faith and Feeling

 :Life is…

 :What Are You Leaving Out?


 :Give Us Words

 :Learn to Float

June:A Foul Question


 :Darn Glad to Know You!


 :A Girl and Her Computer

July:Teach Me Your Way

 :Muddy Feet


 :Half an idea…

 :Definition of Universe


 :You have been told…

 :Trust in the Slow Work of God

 :What If

 :Hind’s Feet on High Places

 :Definition of Irony?

August:The Passenger

 :Past, Present, Future

 :Have Known You So Late!

 :My Enemies

 :I Am Certain

 :A Little Kid’s Book



 :Faith Looks Up

 :A Prayer for My Friend


September:We Set the Limits, Not God

 :For Your Love’s Sake

 :To Touch the Rain

 :Psalm 139 — Reworded Slightly

 :An Economy of Grace

 :A Fresh Cow Pi

 :Dance in the Rain

 :In the Palm of His Hand



 :Last Night As I Was Sleeping

 :Prayer Before Receiving the Eucharist


 :I Have a Dream

 :Crucified Hero

 :My Brokenness

October:Come to Jesus

 :Not Yet


 :Another Song

 :Psalm 23

 :Life is Messy

 :A Sense of…

 :Sound Bites

 :What time…

 :When I Look to the Sky

 :Love Will Point to the Way Ahead

 :Lifted Up

 :Like the Orbit of a Comet

 :Soul of Christ

November:School Mass on All Saints Day

 :The Question

 :Don’t You Know?

 :For Faith

 :Via Negativa

 :Principle and Foundation

 :Meme in Honor of the Trinity

 :Holy Place

 :Pi on Turkey Day

 :Acceptance with Joy

 :To the Holy Spirit

 :Third Option, Second Person

 :Take Time…

December:Bearing the Cost

 :Cold enough to…

 :Prayer of a Bruised Heart

 :Before and After


 :Parking Lot Strategies

 :The Battle is Won

 :All is Gift

 :The Christmas Box

 :Answering the Phone

 :Boys, Rocks and Water

 :Good from Bad

 :We are bums who have been given…