2006 Archives (218)

January:St. John of God

 :Bring Us into Your Life

 :The Desert Leads to Epiphany

 :Empty Mind

 :Great American Stew Pot

 :Advice on Eating Snow

 :My Life, My Card


 :I Love You This Much



 :God’s Calling

 :What’s in the Temple?

 :“I Have Searched You and Known You”


February:The Summons

 :Who are the Poor?


 :Scandal of the Cross


 :Poor Peter

 :Keep Hope Alive

 :Recognize and Respond

 :Motivation for Math

 :Who Do You Think I Am?

 :Receive, Give Thanks, Break, and Share

 :He Moved My Soul

 :Yet He Chose to Create Me

 :Fasting and Feasting

 :The God Who Loves You


 :Take and Receive

 :Remember Dude

March:Ashes to Ashes, Life to Life

 :Our Part, God’s Part

 :Pi Cow

 :None May Love You less

 :Desires and Order

 :Bible Meme

 :Love, Peace, Energy

 :Burning Thirst

 :Procrastinator’s Clock

 :Happy Pi Day!

 :He Died for Me

 :May the road rise to meet you…

 :The Four Wives

 :Functions f and g


 :The Headlights

 :The Shadow of Death

 :Difference Between a Man and a Woman

 :Four Questions

 :First Servant Song

 :Girls Are Like Apples

 :A Muddy Moment

 :Ode to a Crow

April:To Write Something

 :Second Servant Song

 :Catholic Carnival #73

 :Rare Time

 :Third Servant Song

 :Poem of Love

 :Fourth Servant Song

 :Stabat Mater

 :Palm Sunday

 :Christ Bearer

 :In Solidarity

 :What is Truth?

 :Via Crucis #10

 :Jesus at the Tomb

 :The Catechism Blog


 :Arise, My Love

 :The Fourth Day

 :We Remember

 :There is a Moment…

 :All I Have

 :Bird Flu

 :For My Students

 :Paperclip Campaign

 :For all you people who say…


 :Prayer of Surrender

 :Cinco de Mayo

 :Ten Commandments for the Road

 :All I Have

 :The Last Supper

 :Illusory vs. Real Religion




 :Royal Blood

 :12 Days

June:What If Prayer Is…

 :What to Remember When Waking


 :3 Days That Changed the World

 :To see a World…

 :Like a Ruby

 :Lover and Beloved

 :Catholic Carnival #83


 :The Parable of the Spoons

 :Prophets of a Future Not Our Own

 :Sorrow Prepares You

 :On Praying the Lord’s Prayer

 :I Wonder

July:Catholic Carnival #86

 :DAD! I got ribboned!



 :Doubt and Faith



 :I Pooted

 :Mathematical Mind Reader

 :Day by Day


 :Meeting the Shepherd

 :Need vs. Want


 :Bob the Painter

 :Welcome Home

 :Water of Life

August:The Old Telephone


 :Definition of Fairness

 :No Lemon Please

 :Pray Like Martha or Mary?

 :Joy and Sorrow

 :Prayer to the Trinity

 :Were is Heaven?

 :Do Not Use Me God

 :God’s Love

September:God Hides

 :God and Silence

 :iPod Shuffle

 :Calamities Can Bring…

 :The Prayer of Listening

 :¡Santa Caca!

 :The Border Between…

 :The World is Upside Down

 :Words and Time

 :The Rollercoaster of Life



 :The Great Refusal

 :Coincidence or Just Bad Timing?

 :Ready for Baptism?

 :Perfect Moment

October:I’m Gonna…

 :Worry vs. Control

 :Red Light


 :Desire to Be

 :CowPi DNA

 :A man hiking along a road…

 :Looking Back

 :An Odd Analogy

 :The Divine Image

 :Wouldn’t you love to know?

 :300 Million

 :This Sucks

 :One Thing You Lack…

 :Anointing the Sick as Prophets

 :The Mystical Body of Christ


 :Essence and Existence

 :A Halloween Joke

 :On the Twelve Apostles

 :The Great Wall of America

 :Letter from Heaven

 :Not to Forget

 :The Aim of Your Quest

November:Still a Branch

 :What’s Wrong with America?



 :That which I am…

 :Guest House


 :Decide to be Happy


 :One Letter Away

 :The Voiceless Cry

 :Grace for the Present Moment

 :The Voiceless Cry

 :Jesus Waits at the Door


 :Love Songs


 :Love Walks In

 :Principle and Foundation

 :To Enter the Desert as an iHermit

 :The Struggle

 :What the self decides…

 :Why Worship

 :Were You There?

 :Push, Carry, or Draw

December:See Ya

 :My Advent Shovel

 :How You See is What You See

 :Prepare the Way of the Lord

 :The Empty Chair

 :The Boulder We Push Against

 :Your Cross

 :God Just Got Bigger


 :Make Me Over


 :No Atheists in Foxholes

 :A New Religion

 :Through Your Eyes

 :Life is like a pearl…

 :Somewhere From Here


 :Where is the Path?


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