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Honest Anger, Honest Grief

At the beginning of March, a very dear friend gave me the book Against an Infinite Horizon by Ronald Rolheiser. The gift came out of the blue as a very pleasant surprise. I had intended to start this book after I finished reading another book at the time. Well, I was sort of reading another […]

Thank You, Father

Thank you, Father, for the gift of Pope John Paul II. Have mercy on him. Thank you, Father, for the gift of Terri Schiavo. Have mercy on her. Thank you, Father, for all of the people in our lives. Have mercy on them. In your Son’s Name, Amen.

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A Constant Exchange of Love

A couple weeks ago, I changed the subtitle to this weblog from “Watch your step…” (a play on words with the title of this journal) to “Got prayer?” because it seems to fit more with who I am and what I would really like to ask any visitors to this weblog. This morning, I changed […]

The Eagles in My Life

Recently, I heard two songs with one line in each of them that crystallized an old memory and symbolized a connection for me that was just lying under the surface. The line from the first song was by Tim McGraw, “Live Like You were Dying”: and I watched an eagle as it was flying The […]

The Little Fish

A little fish went looking for the ocean. He swims up to a big fish and asks, “Where can I find the ocean?” The big fish replied, “Why little one, you are in the ocean.” “This?” replied the little fish. “This is just water. Where can I find the ocean?” The big fish repeated his […]

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Lord of All

Lord of all, Watch over me, walk with me, and answer my prayer. Help me to know your presence at every moment of every day. In times of trouble and in times of gladness, let me know you are near. I am nothing without you. I can do nothing without you. You call me to […]

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That Power is God

Just got back from co-directing a four day retreat for high school junior and senior girls. It was an awesome weekend, a great privilege and honor to serve others. I still need some time to process some of the powerful experiences I was graced to witness and be a part of. I hope to post […]

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We Remember — 10 Years Later

We remember the 168 victims (149 adults and 19 children), the survivors (30 children were orphaned), and their families of the Oklahoma City Bombing at 9:02 am on April 19, 1995. Our prayers go out for you. We come here to remember those who were killed, those who survived and those changed forever. May all […]

New Pope!

Please Lord, send your Holy Spirit to guide the new pope, Pope Benedict XVI, age 78, formally known as German Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. Deepen our faith and hope in you, Lord.

Judgement and Mercy

Addendum: I should have titled this post, “Imperfections”. (Pun not intended.) I stepped into a chapel on Sunday. On the sloped ceiling above the sanctuary hung a large, round icon of Jesus. The colors were bright and vibrant, painted in a modern version of a Byzantine style icon of his face and shoulders. He had his right […]

Why Pray?

Anthony de Mello told this story: The disciple asked, “Master, how can I reach enlightenment?” “We can no more make enlightenment happen than we can make the sun rise,” replied the master. “Then why do we pray at all?” asked the bewildered disciple. “So that we will be awake when the sun rises,” said the […]

Prayer in the Front or Back Room?

I found this quote by Matthew Lickona, author of Swimming with Scapulars, posted at Godspy: “To submit themselves to Christ.” Everyone must bend his or her will, but this desire to clean up one’s own spiritual mess seems a more masculine failing. From a distance, the danger is easy to see: “It’s my problem, I’ll […]

Some Corny Jokes

Here are some corny pope jokes. To see the answers, use your computer mouse to highlight the area between the arrows. What does the Pontiff have for breakfast?     >> Pope-tarts << What is the Pontiff’s favorite spice?     >> Pope-rika << What is the Pontiff’s favorite air freshener?     >> Pope-pourri […]

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More Corny Pope Jokes

Sorry. 🙂 To see the answers, use your computer mouse to highlight the area between the arrows. What is the Pontiff’s favorite snack food?     >> Pope-corn << What does the Pontiff like on his pizza?     >> Pope-eroni << What do you call a cold Pontiff?     >> a Pope-sicle << […]

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Some Days

From Richard Rohr, Everything Belongs: There’s no answer, no problem-solving, simply awareness. You cannot not live in the presence of God. You are totally surrounded by God as you read this. St. Patrick said, God beneath you, God in front of you, God behind you, God above you, God within you. You cannot earn this God. […]

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