Darn Glad to Know You!

Something recently reminded of what I occasionally do with my students. I don’t do it very often (maybe I should). I usually do this in the hallway during a passing period between classes. I will only pick out randomly one or three students. They are usually mine, but not always. As a student approaches me, I reach out my hand to shake theirs. Some are a little curious at why I am unexpectedly shaking their hand, but they always respond. As I shake their hand enthusiastically and vigorously, exaggerating my movements almost in a Bugs Bunny manner, I look straight into their eyes, and with a big, honest smile I say, “Darn glad to know you!”
At first, they are a little bewildered in the overly enthusiastic handshake, but then they smile a big grin and their eyes sparkle when they realize what I just said to them.
If they only knew the other half of the story. I’m darn glad to love them too!

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