When I Rise

When I rise
      full of LOVE
      for life and laughter
      and the me that I am
      LOVE will meet me…

When I rise
      above my own neediness
      fears and frustrated tears
      and allow myself to be warmed by the Son
      LOVE will shine on me…

When I rise
      past prayerlessness
      desparate hopes, sleepless nights,
      and wondering why I’m alone
      LOVE will wrap me in its arms…

When I rise beyond sacrificing who I am
      mistreating my heart
      and giving my affections to the ungrateful…

When I rise above
      accepting scraps when
            I crave for a whole slice of cake
      reaching for carrots
            that are merely mirages
            of together forever
      accepting another’s rejection
            as validation
            of my undesirability…

When I rise…O when I rise

When I rise above it all
      my wings will carry me
            to a place called
            faith and deliverance
      a place where the lies
            whispered in the dark
            must flee
      in the face of such intense light
            for this is the place
            where God is
            and LOVE dwells

For God and LOVE are the same…
      and as I rise ever higher
      chains snapping from my heart
            my mind
            my soul

I soar ever higher
      carried on the wings
      of LOVE itself…

Yes, I rise
      and LOVE kisses me deeply
      ever so sweetly
      and whispers
            I’m home

— Michelle McKinney-Hammond

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