A Prayer for My Friend

I had to tell a very dear friend a hard truth yesterday.
I forced her into a position where she will receive professional help.
She denied that she needed it.
Suddenly a wall came crashing down around her heart,
A wall of anger, shame, pain, broken trust.
All the warmth and light in the room was sucked out.
My spine still shivers from the intensity of the cold.

I knew.
I knew long before she told me what she had done,
Not in words but in the language of the heart.
I knew.
I knew my words would break her trust,
Break her heart, break our friendship.
I knew.
I knew it would be the hardest thing I did.
I knew.
I knew that I could not have told her without You.

All I ask Lord is to heal her.
I cannot touch her heart now,
But You can.
You can reach into the darkness,
Through the pain, through the wall.
You are the Way of the Wound.
You are Light. You are Love.
Save her. Heal her.

All is gift from You.
I will cherish the time we had,
As short as it was,
As we traveled together on this portion of the path
Back home to You.
She was a rare friend indeed,
One of only three to ever touch my heart so closely.
She will always be here in my heart,
And in my prayers.
I will always be there for her,
If she needs,
If she chooses.
Thank You for the gift of her.

The tears won’t stop.
The shards of broken trust cut her deeply.
They cut me too.
I would bleed for her.
I would bleed for her to live,
Just like You did.

If You could give her one more thing,
I would ask that You give her
The grace to see herself
As others see her,
As I see her,
As You see her.
Then she would realize,
She would know,
What a truly awesome,
And beautiful person she is.

From my highest hope,
To the depths of my faith,
I know.
I know we will meet again,
And be together as friends,
in You, with You, in eternity.

Until we meet again my friend…
…I love you “more than you’ll ever know.”

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