This is a portion of a letter I wrote to one of my students recently:
Yesterday, you mentioned something about being a little uncomfortable at Mass lately because you feel unworthy. I hope you never forget what I whispered to you after Mass yesterday: “Wherever the Blessed Sacrament is, you are welcome there.”
You say that you feel unworthy. Well, in a way, you are not worthy. Neither am I. None of us are. But God still loves us. He still loves you. That’s what God is, Love. He cannot help it. God cannot not love. God loves us unconditionally. Not because of what you are or do, but because of what He is and does. And because He loves us, we become worthy. By ourselves, there is no worth in us. We cannot be or do anything. All is a gift from God. All our worth comes from God. And that makes you one of the most precious creatures in the universe!
The sacraments, especially in the Eucharist, are a way for God to touch us. If you read the Gospels, touching was Jesus’ preferred way to heal people. He could have willed them healed from a distance, but he chose to touch them, to touch them in their humanity, to touch them where they were at, and to lift them up to Him. Jesus made them worthy. The sacraments are God’s way to *hug* us, to kiss us on the forehead, and say “I love you”. For me, the metaphor of God kissing me on the forehead makes my heart smile. I imagine the metaphor of a warm embrace probably means much more to you.
God loves you so much that He gives Himself to you through the Eucharist. He touches you through the Eucharist, to heal you, to feed you, to make you worthy. So, wherever the Blessed Sacrament is, you are most welcome to be there because that is where He is, and He loves you, and wants you near Him. You are His child. You are His.

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