2003 Archives (193)

January:The Journey Begins

 :My Birthday

 :I blog. Therefore, I am.


 :The Question

 :Bad T.V. Reception

February:Love is not measured…

 :Three Points about Lent

March:Last Signal

 :Sitting Right Next to You

 :Ash Wednesday

 :Experience is like a knife…

 :A Touch Heals the Pain

 :Outward Process

 :Jelly and Cats

 :Third in Line

 :Broken Arm

 :Happy Pi Day!

 :Broken Arm Update

 :Inherit the Wind

 :Last Day for Diplomacy?

 :High Stakes Poker

 :Greatest Fears about the War

 :Father and Son

 :Spring is Here

 :Talking Heads

 :“A” Day

 :Spring Break Weather

 :Cats and Shower Water

 :A Song for Lent

 :Empire Building?

 :Tweedledum & Tweedledee

 :Marriage Sacrament

 :Stations of the Cross

 :Levels of Friendship


 :Home for Christmas?

April:Faith vs. Works

 :Fun with Weblogs

 :Baghdad Airport

 :Must See Flowers

 :New Car Technology

 :The Future of Education

 :Ding-dong the Witch is Dead?

 :Lenten Spirit

 :On the Edge of Me

 :Palm Sunday

 :Seder Supper

 :POW’s Found

 :Perfect Happiness…

 :Forsaken Me?

 :Song for Baptism

 :We Remember

 :Thank You

 :Archive Structure

 :Cuts Like a Knife

 :Double Helix

 :Paperclip Campaign

 :All POW/MIA’s Found

May:But Now It Is Somehow My Fault

 :Calculus & Alcohol

 :No such thing as a problem…

 :Loneliness vs. Solitude

 :No Sense of Closure


 :Sexy Integral

 :Math, goats, and sex…

 :A Sexy Math Typo


 :Graduation 2003

 :Cake from God

 :Math Teacher Arrested

 :The Ordination

 :A Martian View of Earth

 :Summit Day

 :Future Fiscal Crisis?

 :What Kind of Photo?

June:Life is a great big canvas…

 :Finding a really good weblog…

 :When I say, “I am a Christian”

 :Some People

 :Computer Limbo


 :Religion and Politics

 :Car Accident

 :Postulates and Commandments

 :Faith and Works

July:A Little Bit of Heaven

 :“My Lord and my God!”

 :Right Attitude

 :One in a Million

 :Cloud Collecting

 :Ardent Reader…

 :New Look

 :Paragraph & Image Styling

 :Trackbacks & Comments

 :Not to Seek for Rest?

 :Manual Trackback


 :Two Domes

 :Boy in Window

 :Forsaken Me – Part 2

 :Some Days…


 :Love: Noun or Verb?

 :Three Times a Charm

August:Toilet Paper Question #1

 :Toilet Paper Question #2

 :Toilet Paper Question #3

 :Toilet Paper Question #4

 :What I was Looking For


 :A Conversation

 :Duh! Of course


 :On Choice

 :Original Sin

 :Before and After

 :Bring Me to Life

 :Never Too Late

 :The Interview

 :It’s All About Attitude

 :Interview Questions for Caitlin

 :Bible in 50 Words

 :Notes from a Retreat

 :Saved? Or Being Saved?

 :Put Out into the Deep

September:Success happens…

 :Through Him, With Him, In Him

 :Why is Jesus Life-Giving?

 :Still Water

 :Prayer: The Pickle Jar Theory

 :The Sting of Sin

 :Seems Normal to Me

 :Every moment…

 :Prayer is Not Magic

 :Merton on Faith

 :Vices of the parent…


October:To the Edge of the Desert

 :Merton’s Prayer

 :You have been told…

 :Kairos — God’s Time

 :Wrestling with God

 :Be Honest

 :Everyone has a bad hair day…

 :A Moment of Quiet

 :A Window for the Light

 :Are You Holy?

 :Fruit of the Spirit

 :That which I am…

 :Sick to My Stomach

 :Master, I want to see

 :Meaning of Mercy

 :Notify Your Face

 :To a Beautiful Person

 :What is Prayer?

 :Going with the Flow

 :Are You a Chicken?

November:The Enlightenment of Buzz Lightyear

 :Have a Good Day

 :Mi Gato Viejo

 :Taking Stewardship

 :Stewardship vs. Ownership

 :Pray Often

 :Prayer of Peace

 :Have lunch with God…bring chips

 :The Room

 :What Color are Your Eyes?

 :More on “The Room”


 :Retreat Experience

 :Breathe in me O Holy Spirit

December:To you, O Lord, I lift my soul

 :To Hold, or Not To Hold

 :An Invitation

 :Father of Mercy

 :I do not need to seek God…

 :Contraception and Sin

 :100 years old today!

 :What we carry in our hearts…

 :About the Human Spirit

 :Everything is on its way to somewhere

 :Come Spirit of God

 :For the person who has everything

 :Steering wheel or spare tire?

 :Secret Santa–Bah Humbug

 :Do you not know…

 :A Christmas Blessing

 :On Fire

 :The Choice: Jesus or Yourself

 :The Singer and His Song

 :Amateur Drinking Night

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