Outward Process

In Father Ken’s homily on Sunday, he described his past experiences with Lent as a time for “spiritual spring cleaning.” (Lent does mean spring.) He had always felt that Lent was a time for introspection—a deep and long look at one’s self. With mediation and prayer, a conversion or renewal toward Christ and God will take place.
But in the last couple years, Father Ken said that he had started to take a different attitude toward Lent. All of the things about introspection and mediation is part of it, but maybe a deeper conversion to God can be achieved if it is more of an outward process.
I think Father Ken has hit upon something. Examining yourself is important, like how can I be a better person, but that is only half of it. You have to take action. You have to step outside of your old habits, reach out to more people, do more good acts for your neighbor or for a stranger. It doesn’t have to be anything big and fancy. The little things are the best, maybe something more spontaneous, more quiet, more behind-the-scenes kind of help. How about holding the door open for someone, being more courteous and tolerant of drivers in traffic, volunteering to take someone’s lunch tray back, writing a note to someone describing how much you appreciate them, pay the next car’s toll on the turnpike, drop off those old clothes at the homeless shelter, stay late and help cleanup after the party, etc. The idea is service for others.
After all, Jesus left us with two commandments: love God first, and love your neighbor (and your enemy) as He does you. Loving your neighbor is an outward process. You show your love through service to others. And maybe that is how we can develop a deeper relationship with God.

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