Fun with Weblogs

Here is a short list of fun things to enrich your weblog experience.
BlogShares—“a fantasy stock market for weblogs. Players get to invest a fictional $500, and blogs are valued by inbound links.” (Be warned, this will take away some of your time for writing.)
the blogger code—an obscure code that describes a weblog. To quote the website, “Geeks have one… Isn’t it time bloggers have a code to describe themselves as well?” By answering several multiple choice questions, this website will automatically generate your blogger code. To decode someone else’s code, visit the blogger decoder. For example, my blogger code is b2 d t+ k s− u f i o++ x− e l− c+.
The Friday 5—A set of five different questions are posted every Friday. Leave a comment linking back to your weblog. If you ever run into writer’s block, this might be the place to help you through it.
WeatherPixie—Place a personalized weather icon on your weblog to show the current weather in your area.
BlogChalking—To quote the website, “Collaboratively mapping weblogs for smarter blogsearching.” By placing a BlogChalking icon on your weblog with your weblog information hidden within the HTML code, the hope is that it will become easier for people to search for weblogs matching your interest.
Crayon Box—Put a little crayon icon on your weblog to show that “People are like crayons, it’s not what color they are, it’s the picture that they make.”
GeoURL—“a location-to-URL reverse directory.” By placing a meta tag describing your latitude and longitude in your weblog, you will be able to find owners of other weblogs that are located near you.
Raging Platypus—has a set of cool little icons/buttons “to steal” for RSS feed links, W3C validation, Creative Common license, and many others.

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