The Journey Begins

Well, here I am, finally joining the blog habit too. I really don’t care for the term blog. I know it’s short for weblog, but the sound of it is too harsh for my ears. Blog sounds like blob, which brings up the connotation of a formless, goopy mess. I image many of my future entries may take this form of writing, but I still don’t like its sound.
I prefer the old-fashioned term journal. A journal is connected to the word journey. I view this weblog experience as a journey in thought, a journey in faith, a journey through life. Journey implies adventure, excitement, uncertainty, a beginning, and a end. There will be many things to learn and places to explore along the way. There might even be a little danger. Like any journey, there will be boring times (like driving across the panhandle of Oklahoma) and exciting times (like witnessing the births of my children). Unlike most journeys, this one does not have a particular destination. The destination is not the goal. The journey itself is the goal.

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