2004 Archives (261)

January:Affected (or should that be Infected?)

 :Why do they do that?

 :The Pointing Finger of Sin

 :Adopted Sons of God

 :Amusing Little Comments

 :Now You Have a Chance

 :Love, Peace, Energy

 :Key to unlocking human destiny…

 :Upgrade My Attachments to Preferences

 :The path of love…

 :To God the Father

 :I don’t have great faith…


 :Prayer to Jesus on the Cross

 :What are Koans?


 :The Dart Test

 :Abortion is…

 :Roe v. Wade

 :Enfold me in Your peace

 :Body of Christ

 :The Kingdom of God

 :Holiness does not consist of…

 :There were these two nuns…

 :Driving with Christ

 :Mistaken Identity?

 :Can I have Some More?

February:Live life like…

 :Community is like a mosaic…

 :The Little Fish

 :Meaning of Grace

 :Imagination is Human Existence, Not!

 :The Interview with God

 :I hate February

 :Grace Known by Faith

 :The more you try to avoid suffering…

 :Master of the Three Virtues

 :“Heaven” by Live

 :The Bernard Pivot Questionnaire

 :Reflections from the Edge of Depression

 :The Cups of Sorrow and Joy

 :Can You Drink the Cup?

 :A Blank Sheet of Paper

 :Prayer Request

 :Why do we kill people…

 :I Am Their Father

March:A Privilege To See The Holy Spirit Work

 :The Embrace

 :The Shepherd and the Wild Sheep

 :You Talk Too Much

 :Is It Really You?

 :New Archive Structure

 :My Quilt

 :The Five People You Meet in Heaven

 :Trying to Hold the Mystery of The Cross

 :Life Happens

 :I Saw the Movie

 :More on the Movie

 :Why a Blood Sacrifice?

 :Redemption, Reconciliation, and Liberation

 :Focus is Important

 :With divine patience you spell out…

 :The World Spins Upside Down

 :The Most…

April:Dangers of Dihydrogen Monoxide

 :Foolish People

 :Be still…

 :The Conquerors Riding By

 :You Have Called Me by Name

 :Repair My House

 :You endured every ill…

 :A Personal Equation Between the Cross and Us

 :Happiest Man on the Way to Calvary

 :Points of Light


 :Three Trees

 :An Optical Illusion

 :God Said No

 :There is a God we want…

 :Have You Heard?


 :And for Something Completely Random

 :We Remember


 :Carrots, Eggs, or Coffee?

 :A Leaf in a Stream

 :Pardon Prayer

 :I Am Yours for Time and Eternity

 :I Need You

 :God and/or You

 :Tiger by the Tail

 :Only Love Will Remain

 :The Quote

 :Living in the Present Moment

 :Past, Present, Future: Learn, Live, Hope

May:The Golden Thread of Time

 :Somebody Said About Mothers

 :Love and Revelation…

 :What are the Odds?

 :The Humble Driver

 :One Particular Prayer

 :Teach Me to Listen

 :A Sad Note

 :Stress Test

 :The Bible

 :Putting Love into Practice

 :Consolation and Desolation

 :Strange Coincidence?

 :What the Sheep Hears

June:A Prayer Upon Waking

 :When I Fail

 :Isn’t It Funny?


 :The Cup

 :What a Christian Means by “Mystery”

 :The New Neighbors

 :My Sanctuary

 :…to become anonymity

 :Weblogging and Anonymity

 :Have You Found My Lost Domain Name?

 :One day, Satan and Jesus…

 :Their Eyes are Open Now

 :Power to Pray

 :If you are patient…

 :Thank You for Loving Me

 :The Honeymoon is Over

 :Moving Toward God

 :The Dangers of Leadership

 :One Thing

 :Let them paint themselves into a corner…

 :Four Levels of Happiness

 :New Look

July:Just Pondering the Why of It All

 :I desire…

 :The Weaver

 :That Red Dirt Road

 :Risk a Venture

 :Stumbling to Bethlehem

 :Reading the Bible in a Year

 :Grace Backfired

 :Purify Me Lord

 :The full soul loathes…

 :Do-ing or Be-ing?


 :Serenity Prayer

 :Time and Sin

 :A Story of Mercy and Forgiveness

 :Seeking God for God or Just for the Light?

 :For Those Seeking Meaning

 :The Butterfly

 :Some Changes at CowPi

 :René Descartes walks into a bar…

 :When Do You Not Call Someone a Christian?

 :Time, Prayer, and the Body of Christ – Part 1

 :An Analogy

 :Turning Toward God

 :The New Oklahoma Quarter

 :Time, Prayer, and the Body of Christ – Part 2

 :So Much Mercy, Yet Still There Is Hell

 :A Key to the Door of Heaven

 :And the Rainbow Said

 :Three Dimensions of Spirituality

 :An Orthodox & a Pomergent Converse

 :Sin is like…

 :Bag of Tools

August:The Words and the Music

 :Baby Feet

 :My Heart Is Greater Than My Wounds

 :For Beginning the Day


 :What Would I Say?

 :When I Look to the Sky

 :What if a demon…

 :Avoid This Intersection?

 :They Call Me “Mister Woo”

 :Be Still

 :Where’s the Joy?

 :The “Rejoice” Stone

 :Faith’s Fishing Boat

 :Mary, Our Lady

 :How Do You Greet the Morning?

 :Day by Day

 :Somebody to Everybody

 :Consequences of Conditional Love?

 :Benedictine Values

 :A Frightening Conclusion…

 :A Family Prayer

 :Hospitality – Part 1

 :First Day at College

 :Hospitality – Part 2

 :Hospitality – Part 3


 :Two Sides of Darkness

September:Hospitality – Part 4

 :St. Benedict’s Prayer

 :Hospitality – Part 5

 :Stay or Go?

 :Courtesy and Discourtesy

 :Little Dr. Doolittle


 :Let Go

 :The Winds of Fate

 :The Chapel

 :Conditions of Love

 :Difference Between the Water and the Wave

 :Looking in the Eyes of Love

 :Greatest Single Cause of Atheism

 :Lets Talk About Sex

 :There is a Way

 :Unconditional Love

 :X’s and O’s

 :Note to Self

October:The Space Between

 :In Her Eyes

 :Who Would You Visit?

 :May today there be peace within

 :Until We Meet Again

 :Some Memes

 :Like the Rain

 :Double Rainbow

 :God in the Rear View Mirror

 :The Tracks of Joy and Sorrow

 :Serenity is What I Crave Most

 :Stay With Me That I May Shine


 :Are You Amazed?

 :The Wolf You Feed and How

 :I’ve Been Spammed

November:Not Because the Sin was Too Big

 :Can I Get a Bird?

 :Barbers Do Not Exists

 :Unhappy the Land That Has No Heroes


 :The Mathematics of Giving

 :New Colors

 :Blinded by the Light

 :More Weight Than They Can Bear

 :God’s Days


 :Footprints Too

 :Hosting Christian Carnival

 :Christian Carnival XLV

 :Thanksgiving Day Prayer

 :The Light Within Us

 :If I Could Ask God One Question

December:The Willingness of Love

 :Christmas Without Being Christmas

 :No More Words; More Than Words

 :Ever Wonder?

 :Our Lady, Pray for Us

 :Palms of My Hands

 :St. Ephraem’s Prayer

 :If Only I Knew…

 :Bless the Broken Road

 :The “W” in Christmas


 :The Gospel Tree

 :Did You Hear the Good News?

 :The Missing Baby Jesus

 :How Often Do You Hear “I Love You”?

 :Deafness, Patience & Prayer

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