Strange Coincidence?

In the Thursday night re-run episode of Joan of Arcadia called “The Uncertainty Principle”, God tells Joan to ask a troubled and lonely guy to a dance, a bully that no one likes.

Joan:  Well, you never told me to ask evil out on a date before.

God:  Evil is not a word to use lightly. It’s only the darkest end of a broad spectrum.

Joan:  You mean like light?

God:  Exactly like light. Nobody is born in total darkness. Most of you live on the grey end of the spectrum, a lie here and there, jealousy, wrath. But you only get to absolute evil by doing one thing after another till eventually you’re transformed.

Joan:  Like, into a monster.

God:  A monster is a creature with no consciousness. They’re extremely rare, but they do exist.

Joan:  Have you watched the news? I’m not sure they’re so rare.

God:  Almost everybody has some light somewhere. And light is always worth fighting for.

Joan:  Ok. So I’m supposed to find Ramsey’s light?

God:  I just want you to listen and observe. Be present.

Joan:  That’s it?

At the end of the episode, Joan is disappointed in the outcome. God tells Joan that disaster was averted by just her presence:

Observation is a more powerful force than you could possibly reckon. The invisible, the overlooked, and the unobserved are those that are most in danger of reaching the end of the spectrum. They lose the last of their light. From there, anything can happen.

Then, in yesterday’s post called “Consolation and Desolation”, I quote from C.S. Lewis’s Screwtape Letters about the objective of Satan, to draw “all other beings into himself” by subjugating their souls and wills. In other words, humans are food for Hell.

Later that afternoon, I caught “Catholic Answers Live” on the radio while driving across town, and the topic for the show was “Does the Devil Really Exist?”

And finally, I was channel surfing in the evening and caught Fr. Corapi on EWTN. He was discussing the first of seven series on the devil and spiritual warfare.

Now, I do not believe in accidental coincidences anymore. All of these events are seeds for contemplation. I am not particularly compelled to study this aspect of spirituality, but I do not deny its existence. I have a list of books in the queue for reading this summer and none of them directly address the issue of evil.

As with most things that I have little understanding in relation to faith, I will offer it up to God in prayer. And over time, little by little, I begin to understand more. It is a cool process. As a result, I have learned more patience from it. Learning about God and faith and such, on the whole, should be a slow-growing process. It takes time to reflect, assimilate, and build upon. Thank you Father for leading the way. I am an eager student.

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