Is It Really You?

Jonya had to go out of town. Her dad had died. She had to help her sister with the funeral arrangements and settle his estate. Her husband and three-year old son were going to stay behind at home. It would be the first time Jonya and her son would be separated since his birth.

After two weeks, she flew back home. Her husband and son were waiting at the airport when she disembarked from the plane. She was greeted with a bunch of hugs and kisses. The father and son were delighted to have Mommy back home.

As Jonya carried her son down the long corridor back to the main terminal building, her son placed both of his tiny little hands on her cheeks and turned her face to his. He looked straight into her eyes and asked, “Is it really you?”

A tear came to Jonya�s eye as she nodded her reply, “Yes it is.”

The above story was shared during a meditation at a recent retreat about the glances of Jesus. Jesus looked into the eyes of many people. He looked at the rich man who asked how to get into heaven. The rich man turned his eyes away from Jesus when he heard the answer. Jesus looked into the eyes of Judas, but Judas could not see himself. Judas thought that he was beyond help with his sins. Jesus looked into the eyes of Peter. Peter, well, we know Peter’s story. The final point of the meditation was one question—what are you going to do when Jesus looks at you?

An image came to me of Jesus holding my face in both of his hands, looking deeply into my eyes, and asking me, “Is it really you?”

I hope with all my heart and soul that I can reply, “Yes. It’s me Lord. Here I am.”

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