2007 Archives (160)

January:Living Faith

 :A New Year’s Prayer

 :Seeking Balance

 :How Could I Ask for More

 :Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin’

 :I Bind to Myself Today


 :Doing Nothing

 :Let Nothing Disturb You

 :There’s a Reason

 :My Heart Beats for You

 :Beyond Words


 :Circle Me

 :Past and Future

 :To See

 :Two Colors


 :The Devil’s Love

 :Twice the Love

 :Words of Love


 :Raining in My Head

March:Live, Act, Honor

 :A Simple Prayer


 :Friendship with Christ

 :Gratitude and Joy

 :An Act of Contrition

 :Gradual and All at Once

 :Come Holy Spirit

 :Beginning, Ending, and in the Middle

 :We are…

 :Dare to Trust

 :Trust and Forgiveness

 :How It was Supposed to Be

 :River of Love

 :Seeking Intimacy

April:Justice and Mercy

 :God and Hell

 :Definition of Salvation



 :Lost and Found

 :An Haiku About Haikus

 :The Border




 :A Prayer for the Lost

 :The Wind Blows


 :We Remember



 :Don’t Carry Logs into the Forest

 :A Prayer to Seek You

 :Other People’s Vices

 :Don’t Wanna Lose You Now

May:The Tail of the Snake


 :Where are You?

 :If the Right Thing is Revealed

 :The Six O’Clock News

 :Hold On

 :In My Emptiness You are Present

 :This Ocean of Suffering Created by Love

 :Beginner’s Mind

 :A Litany of the Person

 :Waiting for God

 :Love is a Direction

 :Learning to Read

 :The Breath of Faith

 :As Kingfishers Catch Fire

 :Apathy sits

June:Seeing Christ

 :Answered Prayers

 :The Song of Silence

 :All Manner of Thing…


 :One day, Jesus said…

 :Parable about the Bird, the Cow, and the Cat

 :Only in Love

 :The Path

 :Alone in God

 :A Little Pencil

 :Destiny or Floating on a Breeze?

July:A Moment of Awareness

 :Past and Future Around the Present

 :Accepting Meaninglessness

 :Bad Theology

 :From the Inside Out

 :My God of Mercies

 :Holy Cross Be My Light

 :God Whispers

 :Science Can’t Answer the Really Interesting Questions

 :A Prayer to Resist Sexual Temptation

 :I love, therefore I am

 :Two Kinds of Freedom

 :Love of God and Neighbor

 :The Shoulder Wound of Christ

 :A String of Pearls

 :Antidotes to Sin

 :Brighter Than Sunshine

August:Prayer to the Trinity

 :Wishing For

 :The One Thing that Never Changes


 :Holy Work

 :Tarnish Remover

September:Gorging on Emotions


 :The Body of Christ

 :Emptiness and Doubt

 :Psalm 139 (Slightly Reworded)

 :You in My Desolation

 :Imaginary People

 :The Journey

 :A Comment on Church

 :Between Faith and Doubt

 :I Am Their Father

 :Longing for You

 :Meaning of Mercy

 :Nothing Satisfies

 :Among All That Debris

 :Love (III)

October:A Part of Something

 :In Pursuit of Hopefulness

 :In God’s Hands — Why Worry?

 :A Devil Free Moment

 :Every new beginning…

 :Footprints Too

 :In the Front or Back Room?

 :Known Only By

 :Hope and Faith

November:The Whole Universe is as a Grain

 :Pattern and Meaning

 :All is Gift

 :The Question

 :How You See is What You See

 :Beyond Pearls

 :Leave Me Here Freely All Alone


 :Trees of Winter

 :Servant Song

 :In Between

 :“Do or not do”

 :Drawn to Dance


December:Between the Heart and God

 :Hey You!

 :Hidden Within The Cross

 :Pick Carefully

 :God does not reside…

 :Why Christmas?

 :Definition of “Repent”

 :If a Thousand Flowers Bloom

 :Mind, Heart, Wisdom, Conduct

 :Simply Assisting God

 :Everybody Wants to Rule the World

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