The Path

I am standing on the cusp of a low hill. I can see my goal across the way on top a very distant hill. The path below through the valley is obscured. I can see no clear way to proceed. How to get there from here?
I know I must press forward to the next hill. The signposts I have been following point this way. It would be easier to go back, but I cannot return to where I was. I know I would not be happy back there. It is no longer enough. I heard the call, and I must follow.
I suspect my goal on the next hill is not the end of my journey but another signpost pointing onward. I will not be disappointed if this is so. It will be another step along the way. I must not forget that the journey is important. The means justify the end. If I only knew the means. If I only knew the meaning.
A tiny thought in the back of my mind is suspicious that the goal I see across the valley on that distant hill is me. I am looking at myself at some future time on the very hill I am currently standing on. The journey along the unknown path through the valley below will return me to the place from which I came. I will have essentially gone no where, but the place will not be the same. The journey transforms, and I will see all that was old in a new light. Maybe this is the test of time?
But how to proceed? I do not know the way. The path through the valley is unclear. It is uncertain. On some days, the path is obscured by darkness and fog. Some days, the sun is bright and clear, but the way is hazy, diffused into the background, unmarked as if non-existent.
How to proceed? By taking the first step, and the step after that, and so on, trusting in God in each step. From the other hill, I suppose I will be able to look back and see the path I had traveled. And I suppose I will take a moment to look back over this path, but not for long. There will still be more of the journey ahead to travel.
It is my choice whether to go or stay, or even to go another way. I choose to go this way. Everyday, the choice must be made. I choose You.

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