2008 Archives (68)

January:A Prayer for the New Year

 :Humbly Adore

 :Worthiness is Not the Issue


 :Just Wait

 :What Bends?

 :Land of My Sojourn

 :Blind Monk’s Interview


February:Hope and Faith and Doubt

 :A Prayer for Lent

 :Seven Signposts


 :Keep Hope Alive

 :Dare to Trust

 :To Accept the Gift of Now

 :Surrender to Grace

March:Being Present for the Dying


 :Reflect Love

 :God is Like This

 :Promise of a Coming Day

 :Gravitate to Humility

 :An Evening Prayer

 :Pray Always

 :O Wondrous Exchange

 :The Longest Day


 :All is Gift

April:God Too Would Kneel Down

 :The Coin of Faith

 :Shatter Our Illusions and Plans

 :Search the world over…

 :As luck would have it…

 :He Died for Me

 :Because of you…



 :Angels Tremble…

 :Deep Beauty

June:Teaching Dirt to Listen

 :Silence Is

 :The Voice Under All Silences

 :How Does the Devil Seduce?

 :Battle for the Heart

 :No one gets to heaven without…

 :God and Evil

 :God and Evil — Part 1 (An Intellectual Approach)

 :God and Evil — Part 2 (An Intellectual Approach)

 :God and Evil — Part 3 (An Intellectual Approach)

 :God and Evil — Part 4 (An Intellectual Approach)

 :God and Evil — Part 5 (An Emotional Approach)

July:Doubting Thomas

 :Four Things Guaranteed

 :You Don’t Have To Prove Anything

 :The River

 :Down to Earth

August:Toward the Mirror

 :Grace Happens

 :Oh ME! O Life!

 :Pilgrim Statute

October:Advent Longing

 :If I Stand


 :That Fierce Embrace

 :Deep Listening

December:Into Your Silence

 :Brother Joseph and ‘All is Gift’