God Whispers

What did God whisper to the bird to make him sing?
What was said to the rose to make her unfold?
And to the tree to stand tall and spread its canopy?

What did the cricket hear to make him chirp all night?
And what word stirs the wind to blow,
Sometimes gentle, sometimes with might?

It must be simple and quite profound,
For all of nature listens intently
And reflects its possibilities.
But why do I seem not to recall
What God said to me?

In the stillness of my heart,
When all is quiet inside and out,
I can hear God’s word to me.
Indeed, it is simple and most profound.
It may be the hardest,
and yet easiest,
thing to do.

It is the very same word God says,
To the bird and to the rose,
To every living creature,
And to every created thing,
In each and every moment.
God’s word is simple,
And straight forward.
God whispers, be.

— iHermit of CowPi

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