Antidotes to Sin

In Back to Virtue, Peter Kreeft links the virtues of the Beatitudes with the vices of the Seven Deadly Sins. The Beatitudes are the antidote to the Seven Deadly Sins, leading to life, not to death.

Pride vs. Poverty of Spirit (Humility)
“Pride is self-assertion, selfishness; poverty of spirit is humility, selflessness.”

Avarice vs. Mercy
“Avarice is greed, the centrifugal reach to grab and keep the world’s goods for oneself; mercy is the centripetal reach to to give, to share the world’s goods with others, even the undeserving.”

Envy vs. Mourning
“Envy resents another’s happiness; mourning shares another’s unhappiness.”

Wrath vs. Meekness and Peacemaking
“Wrath wills harm and destruction [separation]; meekness refuses harm and peacemaking prevents destruction [coming together].”

Sloth vs. Hunger & Thirst for Righteousness
“Sloth refuses to exert the will toward the good, toward the ideal; hunger and thrist for righteousness does just that.”

Lust vs. Purity of Heart
Lust dissipates and divides the soul, desiring every attractive body [and thing]; purity of heart centers and unifies the soul, desiring God alone [the one thing necessary].”

Gluttony vs. Bearing Persecution
“Gluttony needs to consume an inordinate amount of worldly goods; being persecuted is being deprived of even ordinate necessities.”

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