Between Faith and Doubt

A prayer I wrote for our all-school retreat.

We are called.
But who calls us?
And why? How? What? When? Where?

These are all good questions, but—
of all of these, the most important is who?

In the name of…

On the thin border,
between faith and doubt—walks Christ—
calling all to trust.

Father, you call me to walk a path set out by You
to journey through this world,
to journey with You,
to journey with others—
my family, friends, even the stranger on the street—
to journey back home to You
and to our home in heaven.

I do not like to admit this, but—
I often do not know where and how to walk this path.
Sometimes the path is straight and level,
     clear and easy.
Sometimes the path is winding and hilly,
     foggy and hard.
The contrasts in life want to oppose each other,
     to drag and tear me apart,
but they are both always there, together—
     between joy and sorrow,
     happiness and pain,
     laughter and tears,
     friendship and loneliness,
     health and sickness,
     pride and humiliation,
     sound and silence,
     faith and doubt.

I forget Father—
     You are always there, in all these things.
Help me to see, to feel, to know,
     to recognize You in all things.
Everything belongs—
     because You are in all things.
All is gift. Thank You.

And so,
on the thin border,
between faith and doubt walks Your Son—
     calling all to trust,
     calling all to hope,
     calling all to love.

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