The World is Upside Down

World: Do unto others before they do unto you.
Reality: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

World: Life is something I have.
Reality: I am a part of life.

World: Love is a part of me.
Reality: I am a part of love.

World: Freedom from something.
Reality: Freedom for something.

World: Reduces the greater to the lesser.
Reality: The lesser reflects the greater.

World: Because God loves everyone, God loves me.
Reality: Because God love me, God loves everyone.

World: I pray so that I can change God.
Reality: I pray so that God can change me.

World: Love things, use people.
Reality: Love people, use things.

World: Man’s search for God.
Reality: God’s search for man.

World: The universe is dark and human understanding is an expanding circle of light.
Reality: The universe is light and human understanding is a shrinking circle of darkness.

World: It is better to receive.
Reality: It is better to give.

World: It’s all about me.
Reality: It’s all about the other.