Ten Commandments for the Road

The 10 commandments for peace on the roads are:

  • Begin with a prayer.

  • If you start late, arrive late.

  • Alcohol is for the radiator, not the operator.

  • If entry into the flow of traffic is facilitated by the courtesy of another driver, wave in appreciation.

  • If you have inadvertently endangered the safe passage of another vehicle, wave as an apology.

  • Make it easy for aggressive opportunity snatchers to get ahead of you- far ahead.

  • Drive so that the sudden appearance of a police patrol car is a pleasant sight.

  • Give plenty of space to cars marked with dents.

  • Never accelerate, and decelerate if advisable, when another car wishes to enter your lane.

  • End every trip with a prayer of thanksgiving.

— Christian Road Safety Association, U.K.