I’m trying an experiment that will be available only on the main page of this weblog. At the bottom of the sidebar, I have added a section called “Bookmarks”. This is a collection of links to other places on the internet that I feel that are worth noting. I am hoping to focus on other weblog postings that have moved me (I plan on being picky), but almost anything is likely to appear.

I tried this before with a mini-weblog approach, but got tired of maintaining it. I recently discovered this new, free, online service called Ma.gnolia. It does the whole tagging thing to organize and classify bookmarks and links, but it also adds a community dimension with groups and contact lists.

You can view all of my bookmarks listed at Ma.gnolia.

Note: The “Bookmark” section in the sidebar may or may not be visible. It all depends on the server load at Ma.gnolia.