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When Do You Not Call Someone a Christian?

Have you ever noticed how some statements tell us more about the person than what the words actually say? So with Roman Catholicism, which at this [current] point in its history, I no longer believe to be a true Christian church any more than a Buddhist monastery. — Alan (found in a post to the […]

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Have You Found My Lost Domain Name?

A poser: Is losing your domain name, even temporarily, analogous to losing your driver’s license? Every year about this time, a month before renewal, my domain registrar always seems to screw things up with my domain name. (The cowpi.com part of the address.) And as a result, my website goes off line for a couple […]

God and/or You

I had a long, pleasant conversation with a dear friend about praying the other day. He said that he used to repeat the word “God” a lot in his prayers, as if he was trying to turn God’s head, just like when you call out a friend’s name for them to turn their head toward […]

Carrots, Eggs, or Coffee?

I edited/rewrote this from an email I received a long time ago… The teacher started class without saying a word. On the table in front of the class were three hot plates, each with its own pot of boiling water. Exaggerating his movements like a chef on one those cooking shows, the teacher placed a […]

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Why do we kill people…

Why do we kill people who kill people to show that killing people is wrong? — seen on a bumper sticker (Comment: Have you ever spanked your kid for hitting a sibling?)

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A Blank Sheet of Paper

This was inspired from a radio commercial… One man took a blank sheet of paper and wrote out a plan for his whole life. He signed it and offered it up for Jesus to bless. Another man took a blank sheet of paper and signed it. He offered it up to Jesus for Him to […]

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The Bernard Pivot Questionnaire

James Lipton asks the following ten questions at the end of the TV show Inside the Actor’s Studio. These questions originally came from a French series, “Bouillon de Culture” hosted by Bernard Pivot. (Prompted by Steven) What is your favorite word? Muy bien What is your least favorite word? Formaldehyde—It smells bad too. What turns […]

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Why do they do that?

Invariably, as soon as you get up from the computer chair and turn your back, the cat jumps right in and settles down. To get her out is a challenge. She won’t budge. You have to push her out. And the thing is, sitting on her doesn’t seem to deter the behavior either.  

The Choice: Jesus or Yourself

I discovered this piece to ponder by TLS at Summa Mommas (via Video meliora…). It reminds me of a chapter in Thomas Merton’s book New Seeds for Contemplation called “The Moral Theology of the Devil.” And isn’t it just what Satan wants us to think? That in giving ourselves to Christ we would somehow be […]

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More on “The Room”

Yesterday, I posted the story “The Room”. Thanks again to Neely for the link to a short film adaptation of the story. At the end of the film, Joshua Harris, the author of the story, makes some very important comments: Do you see God’s love for you? It doesn’t matter who you are or what […]

Stewardship vs. Ownership

In the previous journal entry, I used the word stewardship instead of the word ownership in regards to faith. We do not own our faith. We are stewards of it. Faith is a gift. It is the acceptance of friendship with God. We are free to do what we wish with that gift. What are […]

Interview Questions for Caitlin

Here are my questions for Caitlin: 1)  As a junior in high school, what do you want to be when you grow up? 2)  What is the best and worst thing about going to a small, catholic high school? Do you miss public school? 3)  What is the best and worst thing about having your […]

Toilet Paper Question #4

In preparing to use toilet paper, should one wad or fold? (Hint: Theoretically, one of these methods will help facilitate the dissolving of the toilet paper in water.)

Toilet Paper Question #3

What is the optimum length of toilet paper needed to get the job done? Or, as my daughter would ask, how much can I use without clogging up the commode?

Toilet Paper Question #2

How should toilet paper hang? Should the end of the roll be in the front and drape over the top, or at the bottom and go under and behind the roll?

Toilet Paper Question #1

Photo by Don Norman This problem was originally investigated by usability expert Don Norman, and reworded into the form of a question by Gil Milbauer. In an attempt to provide a mechanism where someone is not left in a situation with no toilet paper, some establishments have installed dual toilet paper dispensers. The question is, […]

What Kind of Photo?

I remember reading one of those “Question for the Day” calendars a few years ago. One group of questions really hit me in a profound way. It changed the way I took photos. What type of photos do you like to take most often? Are they photos of landscapes, inanimate objects, or of people? [Be […]

Tweedledum & Tweedledee

Tweedledum said, “The sum of your weight and twice mine is 361 pounds.” Tweedledee replied, “Contrariwise, the sum of your weight and twice mine is 362 pounds.” How much do Tweedledum and Tweedledee each weigh? — Based on the characters in Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass

Jelly and Cats

If you drop a jelly-covered donut, it always lands jelly-side down. If you drop a cat, it always lands on its feet. What would happen if you put jelly on a cat? (Thanks Kelsey)

Ash Wednesday

The ashes of Ash Wednesday are to remind us that we came from dust, and shall return to dust after we die. It is also a reminder that we are given the gift of time between those two stages of dust. It is up to us to fill that time. How are you spending your […]

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