Love: Noun or Verb?

Love, do you tend to see it as a noun or as a verb?

[Be honest. Answer this question in your mind before you read further.]

To start, there is no right or wrong answer. It is a matter of your point of view.

For myself, in my younger days, I think I used to view love as a noun. It was something to possess or acquire. Either you had it or you didn’t. I think I wasted a lot of energy worrying over it, and looking for it. (A bit like Oswald in Cloud Collecting.) I don’t know if it was due to youth or our modern, fast-paced world, but I tried to hurry love. I was impatient to let it just happen. Ironically, the semester in college where my heart stopped worrying about finding love, I met the girl that would later become my wife. (A similar thing happened when I discovered my faith and fell in love with God.)

I don’t know when my point of view changed, but now I tend to view love as an action verb. It is something you do, as in the great commandment, love one another as Christ loves you.

Maybe the power of the word love comes from the fact the you can view it both ways, as a noun or as a verb. It is like two sides of the same coin. But, does the way you tend to view it determine how you do it?

(This entry reminds me of a quote from the Wizard of Oz.)

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