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Why Give Up Something for Lent

A recent status update of mine on FaceBook: Gave up Dr. Pepper for Lent. Minimum amount of Mt Dew is staving off the caffeine withdrawal headaches, but it’s not the same as good ole DP. Giving up Facebook would have been easier. 😉 Offer it up. If you can’t read between the lines, I’m addicted […]

A Prayer for Lent

From Br. Joseph — Here is a simple prayer to start each day during Lent. As with all prayer, liturgy, worship, and spiritual reading, it is to draw us deeper into relationship with God, our Father. Father, I call upon You to be with me. I invite You into my heart,      into my […]

Seder Supper

This is going to be a very special Holy Week for me. At the end of it, I will be baptized, confirmed into the Catholic church, and partake of the Eucharist. Yahoo! To start the week off, Father Ken asked my family to be the Seder Supper family for today, Palm Sunday. We got to […]

Palm Sunday

Earlier in the week, I noticed in one of the news reports a scene of Iraqi people cheering the arrival of Coalition forces. About 10% of the crowd was holding and waving palms around in the air. I was reminded of the scene in Mark 11:1-10 where Jesus enters Jerusalem on a colt. I am […]

Lenten Spirit

Besides teaching, one of my other responsibilities of working in a small, Catholic high school is to drive a school bus in the morning. It is not the same as driving a bus for a public school where you follow an actual route and make a dozen or more stops. My route is simple. I […]

A Song for Lent

This song, “I Turn Everything Over”, by Switchfoot, does a pretty good job of trying to describe my attitude for Lent. Some days I am better at it than others. Monday found me on my knees again Breathing You in To blur the lines that mark where I begin And where You end No use […]

Outward Process

In Father Ken’s homily on Sunday, he described his past experiences with Lent as a time for “spiritual spring cleaning.” (Lent does mean spring.) He had always felt that Lent was a time for introspection—a deep and long look at one’s self. With mediation and prayer, a conversion or renewal toward Christ and God will […]

Ash Wednesday

The ashes of Ash Wednesday are to remind us that we came from dust, and shall return to dust after we die. It is also a reminder that we are given the gift of time between those two stages of dust. It is up to us to fill that time. How are you spending your […]

Three Points about Lent

My men’s prayer group consist of three people, a religion teacher, a Spanish/art teacher, and me, a math teacher. Brian, the religion teacher, told us that Lent (which starts next week) consist of three points for conversion and becoming closer to God. The three big ideas are some kind of sacrifice, more prayer/scripture reading, and […]

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