July 2003 Archives (19)

A Little Bit of Heaven

Leslie Harpold wrote a nice, little piece of prose called “Possible Scenarios for Heaven”. Whatever your fantasies about heaven are, her piece is a gentle reminder that we all have a little bit heaven here on earth now. Remember to make the most of it. Savor the moments.

Right Attitude

I discovered this near the end of a lengthy article by Fr. John Whiteford: In On Christian Doctrine, St. Augustine spends a lot of time describing how one should read, study, and interpret Scripture. In fact, he “spends much more time talking about the kind of person the study of the Scripture requires than about the intellectual […]

One in a Million

Ever heard of the phrase “you’re one in a million” used as a compliment? With over 6 billion people currently alive in the world today, that means there are 6,000 people just like you! (The population of the state of Oklahoma is about 4.5 million. Ironically, there are four people in the state with the […]

Cloud Collecting

I was watching a TV show called Oswald with my three-old son this afternoon. Oswald is a children’s cartoon about an eternally optimistic, soft-spoken, blue and round octopus. In this particular episode, he first meets his happy-go-lucky friend Daisy the flower. She is busy catching leaves for her leaf collection. Then he meets his anal-retentive […]

Ardent Reader…

If you are an ardent reader, seek not brilliant and erudite texts; otherwise the demon of haughtiness will strike your heart. But like a wise bee that gathers honey from flowers, so also through your reading obtain healing for your soul. — St. Ephraim the Syrian (via via)

New Look

The old CowPi v1.0 Welcome to CowPi Journal, version 2.0, a complete redesign of every Movable Type template, style sheet, module, etc. Nothing was left untouched. The biggest changes include the framing around the content with a color background, the horizonal navigation bar under the page header, and the CowPi logo. (Do you like the […]

Paragraph & Image Styling

Occasionally, I want more control over how certain parts of a weblog entry look instead of the default paragraph tag that Movable Type uses. Sometimes I need a paragraph to be centered, or sometimes a footnote. And what about controlling images? (Note, the rest of this article assumes that you understand a little about CSS, […]

Trackbacks & Comments

To quote Adam Kalsey, “TrackBacks are comments. They are comments left on someone else’s site rather than your own, but they are comments nonetheless.” So, he wrote a great little plugin for Movable Type called SimpleComments. After a few modifications to our templates, our trackbacks can be listed along with your comments in chronological order. […]

Manual Trackback

‘Manual Trackback’ is a PHP script that allows an author of a weblog that does not support trackback to manually trackback to my weblog. All this weblog author needs to supply is the title of his or her weblog, the title or date of his or her weblog entry, the entry’s URL, and an excerpt. That’s it. Then their trackback will be listed among the comments and other trackbacks for my entry with a link pointing back to his or her weblog.


I have a friend who says that there is no such things as coincidences. Everything happens for a reason. The mathematician inside of me is skeptical with images of probability calculations and statistical charts. I am resistant to ascribe a higher meaning to why I ran into a former student yesterday, but it feels at […]


Have you tried the new guacamole flavored Doritos yet? They are pretty good, although how much they taste like real guacamole is debatable. But be fore-warned: they go in green, and come out green!

Three Times a Charm

Anytime I find something coming in threes within the church, I always assume that it represents the Trinity. My favorite example is: Holy, Holy, Holy Lord, God of power and might. Heaven and earth are full of your glory. Hosanna in the highest. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. Hosanna […]

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