Manual Trackback

Update: This post has been superseded by newer, built-in trackback systems in most blogging applications. Links to this site no longer work.

Inspired by Adam Kalsey’s SimpleTrack, I wrote my own PHP script called Manual Trackback. (To be honest, I was chicken to ask Mr. Kalsey for a copy of his script.) This script allows an author of a weblog that does not support trackback to manually trackback to my weblog. All this weblog author needs to supply is the title of his or her weblog, the title or date of his or her weblog entry, the entry’s URL, and an excerpt. That’s it. Then their trackback will be listed among the comments and other trackbacks for my entry with a link pointing back to his or her weblog.

The Manual Trackback script is completely customizable to your weblog if you know a little CSS and HTML). It should work for other weblog systems besides Movable Type as long as they stick with the trackback specifications.

There is one PHP include required for this script to run. It is an open-source PHP class called Snoopy. You can download a copy of Snoopy from (Thanks to Mr. Kalsey for the hint.)

See the Manual Trackback script. Documentation is included within the script.

What is trackback? It is a system used “to enhance cross-site conversations and build community.” You can learn more about trackbacks at A Beginner’s Guide to TrackBack.

See also Trackbacks & Comments.

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