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Dangers of Dihydrogen Monoxide

From a toxic chemical alert (via Anders): Dihydrogen monoxide is an colorless, odorless, tasteless chemical that can be deadly if accidentally inhaled. Oh great! Some other chemical we need to be worried about. Here are just some of the dangers of dihydrogen monoxide (DHMO), also known as hydroxyl acid: major component of acid rain contributes […]

Foolish People

Henri Nouwen, in his book With Burning Hearts, meditates on many lessons from the story of the two travelers on the road to Emmaus. This paragraph practically shouted at me: “Foolish people,” [Jesus] said. “So slow to believe.” These words go straight to the hearts of the two men. “Foolish” is a harsh word, a […]

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Be still…

I’m going to try to follow this simple message for Holy Week: Be still and know that I am God. — Psalm 46:10

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The Conquerors Riding By

I saw the Conquerors riding by With cruel lip and face wan: Musing on kingdoms sacked and burned There rode the Mongol Genghis Khan; And Alexander, like a God, Who sought to weld the world in one: And Caesar with his laurel wreath; And like a thing from hell, the Hun; And leading, like a […]

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You Have Called Me by Name

Oh, Lord my God,       you called me from the sleep of nothingness       merely because in your tremendous love       you want to make good and beautiful beings. You have called me by my name in my mother’s womb. You have given me breath and light and movement, […]

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Repair My House

Oh Lord, I confess that there is within me so much       that is ignoble, selfish, and sinful. My little house is in ruins. I cannot repair it. You yourself must come to rebuild it       so that it may be a fit dwelling for you       all the […]

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You endured every ill…

Lord Jesus Christ, you endured every ill at the hands of your enemies for love of all people who were not yet your friends. Obedient to the Father’s will, you walked into the darkness of death to open out before us the light of light. Grant us the grace to follow where you have led, […]

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A Personal Equation Between the Cross and Us

This quote from Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s book, The Cross and the Beatitudes: Lessons on Love and Forgiveness, seems fitting for today on Good Friday: There is a personal equation between that Cross and us. Life with its rebellions, its injustices, its sins, all played a role in the Cruxifixion. We can no more wash our […]

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Happiest Man on the Way to Calvary

This line from a meditation called “The Way of the Cross” by Fr. Richard Veras published within the Magnificat jumped out at me as paradoxical: Jesus was the happiest man on the way Calvary that day. But then on second thought, it does make sense. Jesus knew that God was with him every step along […]

Points of Light

In the old days, on Easter night, the Russian peasants used to carry the blest fire home from church. The light would scatter and travel in all directions through the darkness, and the desolation of the night would be pierced and dispelled as lamps came on in the windows of the farm houses, one by […]


Only a while ago you still knelt at the empty grave, a sea of tears. And all you knew was that the Lord was dead, that the life of quiet joy you shared was dead. You only stare into the void of the cave. A cold and chilly wind is exhaled from your soul, where […]

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Three Trees

Once there were three trees on a hill in the woods. They were discussing their hopes and dreams when the first tree said, “Someday I hope to be a treasure chest. I could be filled with gold, silver and precious gems. I could be decorated with intricate carving and everyone would see the beauty.” Then […]

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An Optical Illusion

This is a cool optical illusion, based on persistence of vision. (Thanks to Emily.) Follow these instructions: Relax and concentrate on the four small dots in the middle of the picture below for about 30-40 seconds. Close your eyes, or look at a wall near you (any smooth, single colored surface should do). You will […]

God Said No

I asked God to take away my bad habits. God said, No. It is not for Me to take away,     but for you to give it up. I asked God to grant me patience. God said, No. Patience is a byproduct of tribulations;     it isn’t granted, it is learned. I asked […]

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There is a God we want…

There is a God we want, and there is a God who is and they are not the same God. The turning point of our lives is when we stop seeking the God we want and start seeking the God who is. — Patrick Morley (via a comment at Raw Faith)

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The Spring blew trumpets of color; Her Green sang in my brain — I heard a blind man groping “Tap-tap” with his cane; I pitied him in his blindness; But can I boast, “I see”? Perhaps there walks a spirit Close by, who pities me, — A spirit who hears me tapping The five-sensed cane […]

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And for Something Completely Random

Five easy steps…to randomness: Grab the nearest book. Open the book to page 23. Find the fifth sentence. Post the text of the sentence as a comment on my blog. Post the text of the sentence on your own blog, along with these instructions. My quote: Provided that any of those neighbours sing out of […]

We Remember

We remember the 168 victims (149 adults and 19 children), the survivors (30 children were orphaned), and their families of the Oklahoma City Bombing at 9:02 am on April 19, 1995. Our prayers go out for you. If you are ever passing through town, please stop and visit the Oklahoma City National Memorial. It will […]


Every opening flower proclaims the glory of god. Every grain of wheat illustrates for us God’s providence. Every drop of rain proclaims God’s concern for the welfare of all people everywhere. Every rainbow symbolizes the promise of a better tomorrow. — Leroy Koopman

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Carrots, Eggs, or Coffee?

I edited/rewrote this from an email I received a long time ago… The teacher started class without saying a word. On the table in front of the class were three hot plates, each with its own pot of boiling water. Exaggerating his movements like a chef on one those cooking shows, the teacher placed a […]

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A Leaf in a Stream

A leaf that falls into a stream (or a leaf we intentionally drop into a stream) just where the water disappears into the ground…will come out again at the next opening, because the underground stream has faithfully carried it there, though during this journey it has been beyond the reach of any outside interference. In […]

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Pardon Prayer

My God, I believe, I adore, I hope, and I love You! I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope, and do not love You. Amen. — Prayer taught by the Angel of Peace to the three children of Fatima during his first apparition in 1916.

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I Am Yours for Time and Eternity

My God, I am yours for time and eternity. Teach me to cast myself entirely into the arms of your loving providence with the most lively, unlimited confidence in your compassionate, tender pity. Grant me, O most merciful redeemer, that whatever you ordain or permit may be acceptable to me. Take from my heart all […]

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I Need You

Oh Lord, I need You for myself. I am poor. I am needy. I am sinful. I need You for Your sake, so that I may know You, so that I may love You. I need You for the sake of others, that I may do them no harm, that I may bring You to […]

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God and/or You

I had a long, pleasant conversation with a dear friend about praying the other day. He said that he used to repeat the word “God” a lot in his prayers, as if he was trying to turn God’s head, just like when you call out a friend’s name for them to turn their head toward […]

Tiger by the Tail

In the same conversion with a friend, I mentioned that I trusted God completely, or, at least I am trying to do my best. I have not been tested with anything big yet, like on the scale of Job, but I hope I am ready if and when it ever comes. I just pray that […]

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Only Love Will Remain

I know Jesus, and I talk to God, And I remember this from when I was young: Faith, hope, and love are some good things He gave us, And the greatest is love. — Alan Jackson, from That September Day I was channel surfing a couple of weeks ago and caught two theologians on EWTN […]

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The Quote

Only you can choose to be happy or sad. No one else can make that choice. Are you going to let someone else choose it for you?

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Living in the Present Moment

God, whose love and joy are present everywhere, can’t come to visit you unless you aren’t there. — Angelus Silesius

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