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A Privilege To See The Holy Spirit Work

Just back from leading an intensive, four-day retreat with high school junior and senior girls. (This was my third such retreat this school year. One was with boys, and the other two with girls.) It was an awesome experience for everyone involved. Today’s first reading from Isaiah 55:10-11 feels apropos: Thus says the LORD: Just […]

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The Embrace

On a retreat this past weekend, there were a lot of hugs (and tears). I loved to watch this one particular girl give hugs. She had this way about her that made it seem like she and the other person were the only two people in the whole universe. It was as if she was […]

The Shepherd and the Wild Sheep

If a shepherd had a particular “wild” or “wondering” sheep, one that never stayed put with the flock, the shepherd would grab one of its hind legs in both hands, and…

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You Talk Too Much

I usually do not remember my dreams, but I had a very vivid dream about two weeks ago. It was a bright, sunny day with deep azure skies sparsely dotted with small puffs of white cottony clouds. I was walking with a friend down a wide dirt path next to a grove of tall pine […]

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Is It Really You?

Jonya had to go out of town. Her dad had died. She had to help her sister with the funeral arrangements and settle his estate. Her husband and three-year old son were going to stay behind at home. It would be the first time Jonya and her son would be separated since his birth. After […]

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New Archive Structure

I have reorganized my archive structure. This should be of little concern for most visitors. Through the miracle of Apache’s htaccess file and the redirect directive, all the old links prior to this date have been mapped to their new locations, i.e. old links should not break! Any entry posted after this date will not […]

My Quilt

One of my students passed this story on to me. The original author is unknown. (Thanks Becca.) As I faced my Maker at the last judgement, I knelt before the Lord along with all the other souls. Before each of us laid our lives like the squares of a quilt in many piles. An angel […]

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Trying to Hold the Mystery of The Cross

I like this quote. I thought of posting it myself. The author is reminding us that there is more to Jesus than just His sacrifice at The Cross. But then I read David M.’s comment. His comment irritates me because it implies a misunderstanding of the sacrifice of The Cross.

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Life Happens

Do you have a bumper sticker on your car? I don’t. Never found one that perfectly expressed my attitude or opinion. Do you remember those bumper stickers a couple of years ago that read, “Shit Happens”? I always thought that statement was mildly amusing because of its comment on how things tend to happen in […]

I Saw the Movie

I saw the movie, The Passion of the Christ. I was not going to comment on it, but…

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More on the Movie

A few comments about particulars of the movie, The Passion of the Christ… Warning: If you have not seen the movie, there are spoilers below.

Why a Blood Sacrifice?

The movie The Passion of the Christ has caused some division among people. This should not be of any surprise. After all, Jesus and His message has caused division for over two thousand years. The movie focused on the last twelve hours of the life of Jesus. This was the time of His suffering, His […]

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Redemption, Reconciliation, and Liberation

This post is partially a reply to Gil Milbauer’s comments on Christianity. He is an atheist who has some serious questions and misinformed opinions of Christianity. I am not a very good apologist, but here is my attempt to explain some of Christianity. Christianity is not a philosophy; it is a way of living. First […]

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Focus is Important

A man goes to his priest and says, “Father, I try to be a good Christian, but I also smoke. Is it alright if I smoke while praying?” The priest frowns and replies, “My son, praying is a conversation with God; it is for the purification of the soul. It would be a shame to […]

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With divine patience you spell out…

Father in heaven! You, oh God, you give your Word as a gift. And if you find only some willingness on our part, you are promptly at hand. With divine patience you spell out the Word for us so that we may understand it aright; and then you are the one who, again with more […]

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The World Spins Upside Down

Rumor has it You love me Rumor has it the world spins upside down Rumor has it my only hope is in You And the rumors are true I turn everything over The above lines from a Switchfoot song keeps running through my mind in light of a recent conversation I had with an atheist […]

The Most…

Received this in an email. Seems worth passing along. The most destructive habit . . . . . . . . . . . . . Worry The greatest Joy. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Giving The greatest loss . . . . […]

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