More on the Movie

A few comments about particulars of the movie, The Passion of the Christ
Warning: If you have not seen the movie, there are spoilers below.

Early in the movie, Jesus gets beaten up by the temple guards. His swollen right eye agitated me throughout the rest of the film. I wanted to look into both of his eyes, but was forced to focus on his left eye only. I know that was deliberate, but I have not yet figured out why?
I also noticed that direct eye contact was avoided with the audience. I do not remember seeing his eye blink either. I did notice that I could see both of his eyes open in the one shot where he was on the Cross looking up toward heaven.
As for Judas, I do not know. The scene of the children/demons tormenting him was bothersome. I wonder if the dead donkey was suppose to be the same one Jesus rode into Jerusalem? By Judas’ reaction upon seeing the donkey, it appears to be. If not, it was at least a remembrance of Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem.
As the scene pulled away from Judas swinging from the tree, I wondered what my reaction would be if I met Judas in heaven? I had a similar reaction when Pilot washed his hands of the decision to crucify Jesus.
When Jesus first picked up his Cross, he embraced it. He knew that it was going to be a symbol of His glory. It almost looked like he pulled strength from it, the strength he knew he was going to need along the way to Golgotha.
There were other touching scenes along the way to Golgotha, like the flashback with his mother Mary. Again, the flashbacks reminded me of Jesus’ humanity, how strong the bond is between a man and his mother.
After Veronica gives Jesus a cloth to wipe his face, did you see the impression of his face outlined in blood and dirt on the cloth?
I am still trying to comprehend the scenes with Simon helping Jesus carry the cross. Simon at first refused to help, but he did so after being forced. Jesus and Simon interlocked their arms while carrying the cross, as in brotherhood, as in that we are all in this together, in that we are suppose to help each other through life. And what about the prolonged eye contact between the two at the top of Golgotha? Simon could not pull his eyes away from Jesus.
Watching the scourging was a little tough, but it was nothing compared to watching the soldiers put Jesus upon the cross. There was a lot of blood, but not as much as I had expected with the way other people have described it.
At the moment of death upon the Cross, the perspective of the falling rain drop was cool. It was almost if it was a tear drop from heaven. Satan screamed too. Did you notice that Satan was all alone in agony in his defeat in hell?
The last scene, the one of the resurrection within the tomb, was awesome. I wanted more of this. There he was, the Jesus we knew, all neat and clean. He was whole again, except for the holes in his hands. He almost glowed and shimmered in the sunlight. He was energized. He was in his glory now. The death of the seed springs forth new, abundant life. Time to get to business.
As I walked down the aisle to exit the theater, there was a woman alone, all by herself as people filed passed her. She was quietly crying. I had a clean tissue in my pocket. I wanted so much to just hand it to her in silence. Fear and indecision gripped me. I did not want to interfere with her moment. Looking back, I wish I had handed her the tissue, to show that she was not alone. I should have risked it. I should have reached out.

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