The Shepherd and the Wild Sheep

The Good Shepherd with a lamb on his shoulders

At a recent retreat, Fr. Scott talked about the traditions of the shepherds in old Israel at the time of Jesus.

It was dangerous for a sheep to wonder off from the flock. The sheep could easily get lost, fall off a cliff, or get eaten by a predator like a wolf. If a shepherd had a particular �wild� or �wondering� sheep, one that never stayed put with the flock, the shepherd would grab one of its hind legs in both hands, and snap the leg bone. The shepherd would then bandage and splint the leg for it to heal. Since the newly broken leg was very tender, the shepherd would hoist the sheep up onto his shoulders and carry the sheep around until the leg mended. After the leg healed, the once wild and wondering sheep would always stay close to the shepherd, and never stray again from the flock.

And so, it is in our woundedness, in our brokenness, that we are closest to God.

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