2009 Archives (58)


 :I Knew This Would Happen


 :Culture of Death is an Idea Before It is a Deed

 :Skulls = Death

 :Could You Embrace That?

 :The Divine Intimacy

February:A Step Ahead

 :On An Ocean


 :Virtual vs. Transparent

 :No Longer Saw A…



 :Worth dying for…

 :Flat Tire

 :Walking on Water

 :The Essence of Purity


 :Lord of the Starfields


May:Ten Years Ago

 :A Little Quiet Time

 :Pain and Change

 :Sweet Darkness


 :somewhere i have never travelled,gladly beyond

June:Two Ways of Knowing

 :Prayer and Love

 :Because If You Can Convince Me…

 :On Angels

 :Unpacking the Word Grace

 :Poem With Two Endings

 :Brothers Karamazov

July:Realists, Faith, and Miracles

 :The Contemplator

 :Christ in the Desert

 :The Bee Keeper

 :The Meaning of the Name Karamazov

 :Choice and Sacrifice

 :“You” Has Moved

 :The Journal is Back


 :Somebody Like You


 :Laughing With

 :Why Would God Laugh?


 :Paradox and Transcendence

 :Prayer for the First Day of School

September:Self Portrait

 :Through Smoke

 :Tornado Hunters


October:We Plead with Time to Change the Rules…

November:When someone deeply listens to you…

 :Passion Play

December:Image and Likeness

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