Prayer and Love

 ◊  Saint Norbert, pray for us

Asking people to pray
is like telling the wind to blow
the ear to listen
the eye to see
We cannot not pray
anymore than not be
once given the gift of existence
We can only shut it out or deny it

Prayer is simply the conscious dimension of being
when it opens out to receive all that is
gratuitously there
word of communion with all things
who hears their silence of wonder
adoration before Him who is
the source and end of all

Prayer is also the birthing of the person
the creative revelation each is called to become
the etching of a mysterious face
reflected by the Mystery we contemplate
the knowing God
as we come to know ourselves
Spirit breathed
by the Thou who calls and loves

Silence then is the plenitude of the Word

Prayer ultimately is love

— Cyril, from Sounding the Silence

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