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The Interview

Karl at St. Stephen’s Musings asked me five interview type questions. You are all invited to participate. (See directions at the end of the post.) 1) You have written some short fiction in the past. Do you have other stories in the works? Yes, I have been working on a story based on an incident […]

Graduation 2003

The best place to be during a graduation is with the seniors lining up before the ceremony. There was a positive energy, with a hint of happy anxiety, that filled the air at last night’s graduation. The students were beaming. Of course, there were a couple seniors whose body language and attitude showed that they […]

A Sexy Math Typo

Once on a trigonometry test, I accidently transposed the letters “c” and “x” in sec x (read as “secant x”) as sex c. (And the spell checker missed it too!)

Math, goats, and sex…

Well, let’s see. When I’m an old, decrepit man, sitting in my wheel chair in some nursing home and somebody mentions the name ‘Bart’, I will remember math, goats, and sex.


On the last day of class, one of my seniors disrespected me in a major way. I have seen her show disrespect toward other teachers and students over the last two years, but the frequency has increased during the last month or so. On occasion, she would do little things to me too. But this […]

No Sense of Closure

Yesterday was the last day of classes for seniors at the high school where I teach. I always have mixed emotions about the last day of school. (I have another last day of school to go through with the underclassmen.) The last day is further complicated since most of my seniors are exempt from their […]

On the Edge of Me

Our campus minister is leaving. Melodie will be sorely missed. Part of it is a budget crunch like all schools in this economy, but also it is an opportunity for her to minister to younger students at a nearby parish school. Her absence leaves a hole in many of our school programs, but especially in […]

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