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New Blog Software

For seven years, Movable Type has served me well as the software of choice for blogging my CowPi Journal. I started with version 1.something up to the latest 4.something. I went through all their growing pains, from a free application, to paid, back to free/paid versions, from simple comments and trackbacks to multiblogs and tags. […]

Ten Years Ago

Today marks the ten anniversary of the 1999 Oklahoma tornado outbreak, spawning 66 tornadoes killing 48 people and injuring many others. The “big one” blew up along I-44 from Chickasha, through open country, smashing the community of Bridge Creek, through some more open country, over a river, and then entered the Oklahoma City Metro area cutting a […]

Kairos — God’s Time

The other day while I was mulling over how to write about my journey to the edge of the desert, I realized that another metaphor for the desert, a metaphor less frightening to me, was the word kairos. The ancient Greeks had two words for time, chronos and kairos. Chronos refers to chronological or sequential […]

On the Edge of Me

Our campus minister is leaving. Melodie will be sorely missed. Part of it is a budget crunch like all schools in this economy, but also it is an opportunity for her to minister to younger students at a nearby parish school. Her absence leaves a hole in many of our school programs, but especially in […]

Sitting Right Next to You

If Jesus was sitting right next to you, just like any other person, what would you say to Him? What would you ask Him? How would you act around Him? Would you say or ask anything different than in prayer? Would you act any different than you do now? Think about it. Do you need […]

Three Points about Lent

My men’s prayer group consist of three people, a religion teacher, a Spanish/art teacher, and me, a math teacher. Brian, the religion teacher, told us that Lent (which starts next week) consist of three points for conversion and becoming closer to God. The three big ideas are some kind of sacrifice, more prayer/scripture reading, and […]

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