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An Odd Analogy

The traffic that speeds by the lone vehicle pulled over onto the side of the highway by the trooper with his police car lights flashing is not much different than a herd of wildebeest standing off at a safe distance watching the lion feed on one of their own.

Ten Commandments for the Road

The 10 commandments for peace on the roads are: Begin with a prayer. If you start late, arrive late. Alcohol is for the radiator, not the operator. If entry into the flow of traffic is facilitated by the courtesy of another driver, wave in appreciation. If you have inadvertently endangered the safe passage of another […]


When I am in a hurry, why do I always seem to get stuck behind the driver who is sticking to their New Year’s resolution of driving the speed limit? I guess if I prayed for patience, God is not going to give it to me. He is going give me situations so that if […]

The Humble Driver

There is humilty in trying to follow the rules of the road. There are also lessons in humility from driving that are transferable to other areas of our lives: Are you humble enough… • to allow someone to merge in front of you when two lanes merge into one? • to allow a semi-truck or […]

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Mistaken Identity?

Two cars were waiting at a stoplight. The light turned green, but the man didn’t notice it. A woman in the car behind him is watching traffic pass around them. The woman begins pounding on her steering wheel and yelling at the man to move. The man doesn’t move. The woman is going ballistic inside […]

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Driving with Christ

I found the following line in a prayer posted at anima: why is it i can love other people…until i start driving a car? This line reminded me of one of the first comments I made to my friend David shortly after I had found faith in God nearly two years ago, “It is hard […]

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Last Monday, my wife Roberta, our 8-month old son, and I were in a car accident. It was the other driver’s fault. At about the last possible moment, the other driver had attempted to pull out in front of me from a side road and make a left turn across my lane. Her transmission slipped, […]


I was driving down the interstate this morning and began to thing about control. Within all the rush hour traffic, I realized that the only control I really had was the space in front of me, that space between myself and the car in front of me. Sure, I was controlling the steering wheel, how […]

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