Functions f and g

Today in calculus class, we were finding the area between two curves. More specifically, as I pointed toward the graph on the board, I said, “Let’s find the area between functions f and g.” It sounded like, “f-n-g.” Or maybe that should be spelled like eff-in-gee.
The whole class started smiling and giggling. Once I realized what it sounded like, I had to smile too. Then I had to watch my speech and not connect f directly with g. They knew I was carefully choosing my words and got a kick out of everytime I needed to say something about “f and g”.
The thing is, I don’t know how many times I have said “f and g” in all my years of teaching. I don’t think I have said it much different in the past. Why hasn’t another class caught the similar sounds?
Well, shortly after that, we graphed the equations on an overhead graphing calculator. As I adjusted the window values to display just quadrant I on the calculator, I innocently said, “I like to show a little x-axis.” More smiles.
I have great students. God bless them all.

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