The Ordination

I have been fortunate to witness two events in the last week that touched my heart in a new and profound way. In both events, I felt God’s presence. During both events, a duality came about where part of me participated in the events, and another part of me stepped out of myself and witnessed the unfolding of the events. And in that part of my conscience that witnessed the events, I felt God among the people and in myself. I reveled in it.
The first event was last Friday at a high school graduation. I felt His love when I was among the students before the ceremony, sitting with the teachers during, and with their families afterward. It was a celebration of the many for the many.
The second event was last night’s ordination of a priest. What an awesome celebration! Again, it was a ceremony full of friends, family, and faithful. And again, I felt His love. It was a celebration of the many for the one.
Both events were a celebration of Him in us.

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