Quotes for September 2004

Pride looks down…

· 30 September 2004

Pride looks down, and no one can see God but by looking up.

— Peter Kreeft, Back to Virtue

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Humility and Pride are…

· 29 September 2004

Humility is the marriage bond of Heaven. Pride is the frigidity of Hell.

— Peter Kreeft, Back to Virtue

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A man is a slave to anything…

· 28 September 2004

A man is a slave to anything he cannot part with that is less than himself.

— George MacDonald

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Mercy’s way…

· 27 September 2004

Mercy is a quality not of the heart or mind, but of the soul. Mercy does not keep score or question the cost, but it has been known to move mountains, to change lives. Each act of Mercy redeems both the recipient and the giver. That is Mercy’s way.

— Author unknown

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Deal with the faults of others…

· 26 September 2004

Deal with the faults of others as gently as with your own.

— Chinese proverb

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Only he who believes is…

· 25 September 2004

Only he who believes is obedient, and only he who is obedient believes.

— Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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A god who lets us prove his existence…

· 24 September 2004

A god who lets us prove his existence would be an idol.

— Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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Those who debunk traditional values…

· 23 September 2004

A great many of those who ‘debunk’ traditional…values have in the background values of their own which they believe to be immune from the debunking process.”

— C.S. Lewis, The Abolition of Man

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Prosperity knits a man…

· 22 September 2004

Prosperity knits a man to the world.

— C.S. Lewis

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An epitaph for your generation…

· 21 September 2004

If there is an epitaph for your generation, it will be: They died with their options open.

— Dean Harold Koh, Yale Law School [via]

Ah! The paradox of freedom—too many options, too many choices makes one less free than with just a couple choices. I personally don’t think carrying all those options will fit through the narrow gate. (See Rev 3:15-17).

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I shall not be asked…

· 20 September 2004

In the world to come, I shall not be asked, “Why were you not Moses?” I shall be asked, “Why were you not Zusya?”

— Rabbi Zusya

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God has given you one face…

· 19 September 2004

God has given you one face, and you make yourselves another.

— William Shakespeare

Which one is your “real” face, the created one or the eternal one?

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The worst of faces…

· 18 September 2004

The worst of faces still is human.

— Johann Kaspar Lavater

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For a moral and religious people…

· 17 September 2004

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

— John Quincy Adams [via]

In honor of the 217th anniversary of the U.S. constitution today, this interesting article by Richard Labunski, “The Anniversary No One Remembers—But Should” describes how close we came to almost losing our present form of government.

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Tact is…

· 16 September 2004

Tact is the knack of making a point without making an enemy.

— Isaac Newton [via]

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Cannot be polished without friction…

· 15 September 2004

The gem cannot be polished without friction nor man perfected without trials.

— Confucius

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A vacuum is…

· 14 September 2004

A vacuum is a hell of a lot better than some of the stuff that nature replaces it with.

— Tenessee Williams, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof [via]

It is not so much what nature replaces it with, but man.

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Hard to know who they are or why they exist…

· 13 September 2004

Without God, people find it very hard to know who they are or why they exist. But if others pay attention to them, praise them, write about them, discuss them, they think they’ve found the answers to both questions.

Father Joe [via]

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Did you ever…

· 12 September 2004

Did you ever stop to think and forget to start again?

— Author unknown [via]

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Do not neglect to show hospitality…

· 11 September 2004

Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing that some have entertained angels without knowing it.

— Hebrews 13:2

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Let your adornment be…

· 10 September 2004

Let your adornment be the inner self with the lasting beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in God’s sight.

— 1 Peter 3:4

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Those who are slow to anger…

· 9 September 2004

Those who are slow to anger calm contention.

— Proverbs 15:18

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Grace of God is in Courtesy…

· 8 September 2004

Of Courtesy, it is much less
Than Courage of Heart or Holiness,
Yet in my walks it seems to me
That the Grace of God is in Courtesy

— Hilaire Belloc

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We are not to choose…

· 7 September 2004

We are not to choose the manner in which our blessings shall be bestowed.

— Fénelon, Let Go

Whose will are you trying to follow, God’s or yours?

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That love of self…

· 6 September 2004

That love of self, which the world advocates, is a thousand times more dangerous than any poison.

— Fénelon, Let Go

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Happiness should be…

· 5 September 2004

Happiness should be a way to travel, not a destination.

— Zainto

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A blow from a whip…

· 4 September 2004

A blow from a whip raises a welt, but a blow from the tongue smashes bones; many have fallen by the edge of the sword, but not as many as by the tongue.

Sirach 28:17-18 (Thanks to Steve)

Be careful with your words…

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All the time the joke is…

· 3 September 2004

All the time the joke is that the word “mine” in its fully possessive sense cannot be uttered by a human being about anything. In the long run either [Satan] or [God] will say “mine” of each thing that exists, and specially of each man.

— C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters

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If you blow upon a spark…

· 2 September 2004

If you blow upon a spark, it quickens into flame, if you spit on it, it dies out; yet both you do with your mouth!

Sirach 28:12 (Thanks to Steve)

Be careful with your words…

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All the ways of a man…

· 1 September 2004

All the ways of a man may be right in his own eyes, but it is the Lord who proves hearts.

— Proverbs 21:2

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