American Persecution?

 ◊  Saint Peter Gonzales, pray for us

There is a growing number of articles on the internet highlighting the bashing of Christian values and predict a deepening persecution of Christians. From some of these articles, the authors are a little surprised that this kind of persecution of Christians could happen in American. They need to remember that America is not the true Promised Land (see Luke 1:74).

The American persecution of Christians will be much more devious than the tragic blood martyrs occurring in the Middle East and elsewhere. It will be more along the lines of a dry martyrdom of social outcasting, scapegoating, financial loss, and legal penalties/fines. While the blood of martyrs is the seed of faith, I fear a dry martyrdom in our pleasure-seeking and comfort-driven culture will cause many to apostatize.

And yet, if there is a Christian killed in America for his or her faith, the culture elites and media will spin it far from anything appearing like a martyr for the faith. But the truth will not remain hidden—-the blood of a martyr is never wasted.

Choose Your Fullest Pulse

 ◊  Saint Gregory III, pray for us

Grand Sacred Angels we are,
        whether you agree or not!
Go to the Creator of You
Ask this love what your worth is
Ask the Author of existence what you are worth
The Almighty Sacred will say:
Your nature longs to be worth it
You want peace
You want stillness
Love is the blood that feeds the conscience’s stream
You want to understand so that you can love
To understand is to Love!
The Author of Love programmed you to care,
        whether or not you care to care.
You’re worth God loving you for ever, unconditionally.

— Alexis Leiva Letayf, from A Fuller Pulse

What God Says…

 ◊  Saint John Duns Scotus, pray for us

This is what God says to us from The Cross…

Do you think I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference?

— The Doctor, Doctor Who, episode “Dark Water” (Season 8)

Travel the Journey

 ◊  Saint Maximilian of Theveste, pray for us

I recommended a movie to a friend.

It is not a particularly great movie, but it has a good story. A light comedy with an unusual love story within a very somber setting. Some parts are kind of different but expected considering the premise of the movie.

What really makes the movie, in my opinion, is the ending. The very last two lines make the whole movie worth it.

Out of context, the last lines are just words. But like life, you have to travel the journey to fully embrace/appreciate/accept the ending.