American Persecution?

 ◊  Saint Peter Gonzales, pray for us

There is a growing number of articles on the internet highlighting the bashing of Christian values and predict a deepening persecution of Christians. From some of these articles, the authors are a little surprised that this kind of persecution of Christians could happen in American. They need to remember that America is not the true Promised Land (see Luke 1:74).

The American persecution of Christians will be much more devious than the tragic blood martyrs occurring in the Middle East and elsewhere. It will be more along the lines of a dry martyrdom of social outcasting, scapegoating, financial loss, and legal penalties/fines. While the blood of martyrs is the seed of faith, I fear a dry martyrdom in our pleasure-seeking and comfort-driven culture will cause many to apostatize.

And yet, if there is a Christian killed in America for his or her faith, the culture elites and media will spin it far from anything appearing like a martyr for the faith. But the truth will not remain hidden—-the blood of a martyr is never wasted.