More Weight Than They Can Bear

In last night’s episode of Joan of Arcadia called “Friday Night”, her troubled friend Judith teaches Joan how to juggle. Near the end of the show after a very emotional scene, God asks Joan a metaphorical riddle:

God: Did you ever hear the riddle about the man, his boxes, and the bridge?

A man had three boxes. Each box weighed five pounds. The man weighed a hundred and ninety. The bridge could only support two hundred. How did the man make it across the bridge with all of his boxes?

Joan: He juggles! Yes, I get it. He keeps one box in the air the whole time. But…

God: The bridge is life. The boxes hold your feelings, your love, your joy, your pain, your loss. Everyone is crossing a bridge with more weight than they can bear. So, you juggle.

God then takes these three blue glow-balls from Joan and begins to juggle. After a moment, he tosses them, one by one, to Joan to juggle. And she does…

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