Blinded by the Light

Yesterday morning, I was driving westward into the city to go to work. The fresh morning blue sky and the golden colors of the sunrise behind me looked gorgeous in my rear view mirror. At one point, as the bend in the road turned slightly, the reflection of the sun moved directly into the middle of my rear view mirror. I was blinded momentarily by the sudden intensity of the sun. My reaction was to squint, shield my eyes, and lean my head over to miss the directness of the sun?s rays. I thought, “Gee! The sunrise is beautiful, but I can’t take that much of it.”
Then I thought about God. My soul hungers to see the face of God. When I have felt His presence in my life, I have been overwhelmed with deep joy. I wondered how many times have I shielded my eyes, my heart, from the intensity of His love. I am grateful to have noticed just a fraction of His reflection in the people around me. I know that I am not ready to see God’s face directly, not yet. It is too intense right now. I have not been perfected enough, not holy enough, not pure enough to see Him face to face. I have no idea how I could even be remotely ready to see Him by the end of my journey through life. Thanks be to Jesus that someday I might.
Father, empty me so that the Holy Spirit may fill me and perfect me. Jesus, please purify my heart so that I may see You one day, face to face, so that I may stand in your Light without squinting, without shielding my eyes, without shielding my heart. Open my heart up wider to Your love and to the love of others in my life. I love You. Amen.

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