Love, Peace, Energy

May His love, peace, and energy touch you in faith

About a year ago, this prayerful mantra of three words, “love, peace, energy” came to me at a retreat. For what ever I was doing, love and peace were obvious words associated with God, but I felt that a third word was needed to complement the three persons of the Trinity. A moment later, energy popped into my head. It worked. It literally felt right.

Energy is not a word that one usually hears within religious context, but it is there. Other words imply it. Listen for it. Sometimes I wish the mantra had a few other words like mercy and heal, but I think those words get summed up within love and peace.

At various times, I find myself using these words in prayer. Usually I will direct the prayer toward other people with “May he/she/you feel His love, peace, and energy.” About a week ago, I thought I could start using these three words somehow in signing letters and emails and stuff. I needed a verb to go with them.

On Wednesday night, Fr. Ken gave me the perfect ending at RCIA when he was discussing the Eucharist. He said that if you looked through the four gospels, nearly every healing miracle has Jesus physically touching someone; or, if He is not doing the touching, then they are touching Him. BUT, it must be a touch in faith. See the story of the man with leprosy as just one example. The Roman soldiers also touched Jesus when they nailed Him to the Cross, but it was not with faith, and so were not healed. You must touch Jesus with faith to be healed.

If you like it, please feel free to use it. Do not give credit to me. All glory and praise goes to Him.

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