◊  Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, pray for us

Why should we consider this power to be transcendent (that is—transcending the universe as a whole)? Because if the universe was nothing prior to its beginning, then the reality which causes it to exist must be completely beyond it (independent of it). This transcendent reality which causes the universe as a whole to exist is frequently termed “creator” or “God.”

— Robert Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D. (via)

In my days as an agnostic, I never denied the existence of God because of reasoning similar to the quote above. Now, going the next step, is God a deist or a theist, a watchmaker God who started it all and lets it go on its merry way, or a hands-on God who has an interactive relationship with creation, that took much longer.

To paraphrase someone (C.S. Lewis possibly), on the surface, there seems to be just enough evidence to support either conclusion. “On the surface” is the key phrase. One has to open their eyes and their hearts to see beyond the surface, to use reason and faith, to transcend in way, to see the reality of it all.

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