I am very proud of America for electing an African-American to be president. It is a long-awaited milestone in correcting a grievous social injustice, from slavery, to segregation, suppression of economic and politic freedoms, to hard fought civil rights changes, and now to the ultimate statement in political achievement and freedom. There is still much to be done in balancing political and economic equality for all. But in the face of the intrinsic evil of abortion and the president-elect’s past legislative support for this “choice”, I wonder if maybe America has settled for correcting a great injustice for an even worse injustice?

Change is apparently coming to America. Some change is needed and is good. Some change is bad and should be avoided. It will be interesting to see how the president-elect’s proposals for universal health care will fair. I pray for measured success. The president-elect’s true measure of his morality will be seen in how adamantly he fights for his universal health care plans to include government-funded abortions.

Keep hope alive.

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