Dare to Trust

From Br. Joseph —

This is the second reflection on seven signposts for the season of Lent (and for all seasons).

Signposts give us direction. They point to some place. They involve action, movement. Many signposts call us to remember something important, some thing that is already there but is often covered up by the minutia of daily life. Signposts represent a choice—to follow or not to follow. It takes grace to see a signpost and courage to follow where it points.

Dare to trust.

This signpost is a shortened form of the phrase “dare to move faith to trust”. The idea comes from a line in a short essay by Jon Zuck, “It is Not About Belief”.

In the New Testament, the Greek word pisteo is almost always translated as belief or faith. However, it also means trust, and in the Gospels, it is this trust in God that Jesus means by the word faith. Think about this a moment, “Oh ye of little faith” becomes “Oh ye of little trust”.

Scripture often talks about the “fear of the Lord”. This has nothing to do with the emotion of fear. Fear and trust do not go together. According to Fr. Thomas Keating, “fear of the Lord” is a technical term meaning right relationship with God. It should be thought of as amazement, wonder, awe. (Awe as in awesome, awestruck; terrifying as in terrific, great, intense.)

Believing in God is one thing (a very important thing); trusting God is another. Both are part of faith, but the real test of faith is not believing, it is trusting. In trusting God, faith is purified, made perfect.

There will be times in your life when nothing in your experience will confirm, support, or backup faith. Your faith will seem to stand alone at a crossroads. A choice must be made. The world says one thing; faith says another. Which one do you trust?

Patience with others is love;
Patience with self is hope;
Patience with God is faith.
     — Adel Bestauras

Keep hope alive.
Dare to trust.

Our Lady of Mercy is praying for us…

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