Pattern and Meaning

This statement by Ronald Rolheiser, from his book The Shattered Lantern, got me to wondering.

When there is no pattern to our actions we experience meaninglessness.

Just because I do not recognize or perceive a pattern, does this mean that there is no pattern? Would God do this to me or to us? Would He just put us here to find our own meaning? Is everything relative and tiny then?

Is the understanding of suffering (and death, the final absolute for all) the last, ulitmate void? Is this the only void that we cannot cross by ourselves and so we must simply trust God that there is a pattern and meaning to it all? If I fail or falter in my trust in God, am I doomed?

Is the choice to love, to will the good of another, the only true and necessary pattern to discern? To say “Yes, I will love,” or to say “No, I won’t,” is this the only response to the ultimate source of meaning?

Questions, questions. Job had questions but You did not answer them. Words are not enough. Words are not enough to pray with to You. You are more worthy than words. This is a pale reflection of what you say to me, that I am more worthy than words. Instead, You sent Your Word in the flesh. He is the way across the void to You. He is the way of trust. There is only two words left to say—I love You, and thank You.

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