Br. Joseph is a teacher at a Sisters of Mercy school, and his reflections are written with teachers in mind. As with good spirituality, it applies to everyone in some way. His permission has been given to post the reflections here.

From Br. Joseph (Aug. 16, 2007) —

A summer camp counselor noticed Becca early in the season. Becca always had a smile on her face. She was always happy, even if the camp’s activities for the day had been canceled due to rain. No matter what, Becca was always happy despite having reasons not to be. Becca had several major health concerns coupled with some physical challenges. But this never stopped Becca from being happy, and trying her best to join in and compete in camp activities. Everyday it amazed the counselor to see the optimism and joy for life in Becca’s bright smile. The counselor wondered what the source of Becca’s happiness was.

One day while the campers were busy, the counselor happened to walk into Becca’s cabin and notice a letter from her parents sitting out on top of the desk. She had to take a peek into this letter in hope of discovering Becca’s secret. She found it near the end of the short letter: “Of all the children in the world, we would still choose you Becca to be our daughter.”

Becca knew she was chosen. She knew she was wanted. She knew she was loved.

Now, think of each student in your classroom. Would you have chosen them?

Be real. Be brutally honest with yourself. As a wanna-be saint once said, there is no half-assing it with God. He knows your answer whether you admit it to yourself or not. Before reading further, take this moment to visualize each of your students sitting in their desks in your classroom.


If you are honest with yourself, you probably said yes to some, and no (or maybe) to others.

But think about it—your students were chosen to be there.

God chose them to be there. God chose each and every one of your students to be in your classroom.

If God chose them, then how can you not?

And if you think a little more on it, you too, you as their teacher, were chosen to be in that classroom.

God wants you too!!! God wants you, not only to be a teacher, but to be His, to be His Beloved.

You are chosen. You are wanted. You are loved. And when you know that, really know that in your bones, you’ll be happy too.

Don’t forget to pray. Don’t forget to give thanks. All is gift. Everything belongs.

Our Lady of Mercy, pray for us…

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